Unveiling the Magic of Manaslu with Diverse Trekking Packages

Manaslu, the world’s eighth-highest mountain, offers a variety of trekking adventures for explorers of all levels. Whether you seek a classic circuit trek, a challenging expedition into the Tsum Valley, or a luxurious camping experience under the stars, Manaslu has a route to captivate your senses.

This blog post explores the diverse Manaslu Circuit Trek alternatives available for Manaslu, allowing you to choose the perfect adventure to suit your desires:

Classic Manaslu Circuit Trek:

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is the most popular route, offering a comprehensive Manaslu experience. This moderate difficulty, 16-day trek encircles Manaslu, taking you through stunning landscapes, quaint villages, and diverse ecosystems.

Manaslu Circuit Trek (Larkya La Pass 5106m)
16 Days – 15 Nights
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$910.00 $1,400.00

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Tsum Valley Trek:

For the adventurous trekker, the Tsum Valley Trek delves into the remote and mystical Tsum Valley. This challenging 18-day trek combines the Manaslu Circuit Trek with an exploration of the Tsum Valley, renowned for its unique culture and breathtaking scenery.

tsum valley trek
18 Days – 17 Nights
27% Off
$1,040.00 $1,430.00

Embark on an unparalleled adventure in Nepal's majestic Himalayas with the Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek. This trek surpasses a simple…

Manaslu Circuit Camping Trek:

Embrace the spirit of adventure with the Manaslu Circuit Camping Trek. This 16-day trek follows the classic circuit route, but with an emphasis on rustic camping under the majestic Himalayan sky.

Manaslu Circuit Camping Trekking
17 Days – 16 Nights
28% Off
$1,885.00 $2,600.00

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Luxury Manaslu Trek:

Experience Manaslu in style and comfort with the Manaslu Luxury Trek. This 16-day package caters to trekkers who prefer a more relaxed experience, offering comfortable lodges and premium amenities throughout the journey.

Manaslu Luxury Trek in Nepal
16 Days – 15 Nights

Manaslu Luxury Trek is our flagship package with a unique itinerary, comfortable stay, exclusive services, and luxury transportation services.  We…

Beyond the Circuit:

The Manaslu region offers additional options for those seeking a unique experience:

  • Lower Manaslu Hikes & Volunteering Program: This program combines short Manaslu hikes with volunteering opportunities in local communities.
  • Manaslu Circuit Heli Trek: Shorten your trek with a helicopter ride on the Manaslu Circuit Heli Trek. This 12-day option offers a thrilling helicopter experience while still allowing you to explore the Manaslu Circuit’s highlights.
  • Tsum Valley Yoga & Meditation Retreat Trek: Combine your trek with mindfulness practices on the Tsum Valley Yoga & Meditation Retreat Trek. This 18-day program incorporates yoga and meditation sessions into the Tsum Valley exploration.
  • Ponkar Lake Around Manaslu: Embark on a shorter trek to the idyllic Ponkar Lake, nestled amidst the Manaslu landscape.
  • Budget Manaslu Trek: Explore Manaslu on a budget with the Manaslu Budget Trek. This option provides a more economical way to experience the Manaslu Circuit.
  • Manaslu Photography Tour: Capture the magic of Manaslu with the Manaslu Photography Tour. This specialized tour caters to photographers, providing them with the ideal locations and guidance to capture stunning images of Manaslu and its surroundings.


Manaslu offers a spectrum of trekking experiences, from the classic circuit trek to off-the-beaten-path adventures. This blog post provides a starting point for your Manaslu adventure. Choose the package that aligns with your interests and fitness level, and prepare to be captivated by the beauty of Manaslu.

Remember, this is just a starting point, and it’s always recommended to do further research on each trek to ensure it suits your needs and abilities. Happy trekking!

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