Our experts have over 15 years of experience in the field of travel and tourism in Nepal. Whether you are on a budget or in a mood for a luxurious trip, we have got you covered. We know all the different regions of Nepal at their best. Our high enthusiast team will guide you from start to finish – leaving you with some beautiful and life-time memories. 

Established and Managed Locally

Manaslu Circuit Treks (MCT) is run by highly driven locals with a deep knowledge of the trekking in Nepal. We believe that local expertise goes a long way when it comes to making your travel successful. Our strong professional relationship with stakeholders, governmental bodies, local agencies, hotels and guest houses, insurance companies as well as local guides and porters helps to make your journey sound.

We speak your language

Communication is critical to plan trips and execute effectively. That is why our team is multi-lingual. Our travel experts have been across the world and speak various languages. Primarily, we speak English followed by Nepali and Hindi. This helps us to understand and deliver everything you require to make the trip.

5% To Charity

Every year 5% of the profit generated from MCT goes to the needy people in Himalaya. We believe that it is our responsibility to contribute to the development of Himalayan People via Helping Hands for Himalayan People – Nepal (HHHP-Nepal) organization. HHHP-Nepal is a nonprofit organization working actively in the field of health, education, social construction, women’s right, culture, and the modern agriculture system of the Himalayan people.

100% Customizable

All of our trekking packages and trips are completely customizable. MCT values your interest, money, and most importantly time. So, feel free to add, remove, or modify destinations or activities for your trip. Our travel experts will guide and suggest you along the way emphasizing important aspects. We understand that everyone has different preferences, and we would love to know your plans/ideas for your next trip to Nepal.

Lifetime Deposit

MCT does not have a refundable system at the moment for canceled trips. However, our lifetime deposit scheme allows you to utilize your deposit even after the cancellation of the trip. You will not lose a single penny. Later, either you or your family/friends can use the scheme to book a trip with us.

High-Quality Accommodation

Providing comfort and safety is our major priority. Therefore, we do not compromise on the neatness of hotels. We usually pick 3-star hotels by default but you can pick hotels up to 5-star. Our team makes sure of high-quality accommodation services to our clients that includes clean bed, toilets, hot shower, internet connection, and more. However, while trekking the accommodation options will be Tea houses, guest houses, and hotels that are available. 

Policy of Sustainable Development

MCT follows a policy of sustainable development. Our goal is to be responsible, preserve the natural habitat, and work towards the well-being of the Himalayas. Therefore, we limit to 15 people or less per trek. We are respectful to the Himalayas and we plead to do the same to anyone trekking to the regions.

No Hidden Charges

MCT believes in transparency. We do not charge extras besides the price that is shown on our website. Our packages are priced with no hidden charges, which means you will have no doubts about the final price once you book the trip. The quote you receive is the final price. If in case you need to modify the trips, we will provide the quotation accordingly. Plus, we will inform you regarding additional services earlier.

99.9% Client Satisfaction

Our goal is to reach 100% satisfaction rate. The services we provide are after product of intense research, decades of experience, and our love towards travel and tourism. MCT’s customer care service department is oriented towards providing as much value as we can. There is no limitation. After thousands of trips, we have collected data and information that helps us understand and tailor our trek accordingly. Therefore, our vision is to provide the best trekking experience in Nepal surpassing your expectations.