About Manaslu Circuit Treks/MCT:

Who we are

Manaslu Circuit Treks in short MCT is one of the best and leading trekking companies, among all trekking agencies in Nepal. Manaslu Circuit Treks is also a counterpart and Umbrella Company of renowned Core Treks Pvt. Ltd. 

MCT is highly and well known for organizing treks and various boundless adventurers from sightseeing tours to mountaineering expeditions.

MCT offers unlimited trips around Nepal Himalayas and beyond neighboring countries of India, Bhutan, and Tibet. Where all enjoyable adventure holidays are guided by our expert and professional team of staff and guides.

The only few native companies offering best of the best services with money-worth of holidays. Surprisingly at a reasonable price on every trips with Manaslu Circuit Treks / MCT.  

MCT as a trekking company in Nepal is well known for organizing tours to numerous packages in the Manaslu region.

MANASLU CIRCUIT TREKS(MCT) & CORE TREK Pvt. Ltd. is a joint venture Company registered with the Nepal Tourism Board. As well as with the Ministry of Tourism, fully licensed and authorized with permission to organize a wide range of tourism destinations.

Includes various exciting trips from hiking, trekking, and climbing peaks to major mountaineering expeditions around Nepal, India, Bhutan, and Tibet. 

We are well known for reliability, safety, and successful, enjoyable holidays. 

Our main goal is to make every trip a winner with well-satisfied customers, which is why we get repeated clients. 

The success behind our delightful trips is that we work harder. Making every effort for the convenience and comfort of our clients. We make sure of the quality of transportation, hotels, and food and help to choose the right holidays. 

After decades of greatly successful experience, MCT & CoreTreks continues as one of the best travel and adventure agents in Nepal.

Our Value guide everything we do



We operate on a first name basis here. You will have your own custom-made itinerary and a dedicated travel consultant who will serve as your point of contact before, during and after your trip.


We know your time is valuable, so our team is committed to providing you with the best travel experience possible, from before you book your holiday to after your journey has ended.


Travel in confidence! Travel Muni is fully licensed by the Nepal Tourist Board and is a member of various professional associations. We’re also highly rated on Trip Advisor by our travelers.

Customer Reviews

Overall Company Rating:
4 - Excellent ( Based on 33 travel reviews )
Very Good
  • Exceptional Manaslu Trek
    Reviewed Tour: Budget Manaslu Trek (14 hours ago)
    After scouring trekking companies in Thamel, MCT stood out for its exceptional service for Manaslu Trek on budget. Friendly and honest, Nim (the owner) offered the best prices without any haggling needed, making the budgeting process stress-free. He even accommodated our special requests like transferring our non-hike belongings to Pokhara to meet us after our hike at no additional cost. Additionally, MCT provided great flexibility, allowing us to change or add trekking days as we desired.
    from Canada
  • Great Experience!
    Reviewed Tour: Budget Manaslu Trek (4 months ago)
    In December, we spent 3 weeks in Nepal for the first time, tackling the Manaslu circuit with MCT. It was an unforgettable experience. The whole preparation was absolutely smooth; they offered expert advice on gear, and they even lent us some items we didn't have. Our guide, Dibas, was very nice and helpful. We learned a lot about Nepal from him; he was highly knowledgeable and experienced. It was an absolutely great experience, and we are already thinking of going back to Nepal for another trek, definitely with MCT.
    from Czech Republic
  • Best Trip Ever
    Reviewed Tour: Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek (6 months ago)
    We are very happy at the end that we have found this company. Already in our first contact with him, Nim impressed us with outstanding precision and the best possible disposition. When we got to Kathmandu we had a conference with Nim to make sure we were properly prepared and well- equipped for the tough path ahead of us. The guide has accompanied us from the time we touched the soil in Kathmandu till our return. Without his presence, we couldn't have made the breakthrough. We strongly urge that anyone planning hiking in Nepal should get in touch with MCT and make reservations as soon as possible. The memories we formed will endure for life and we feel that we have made lifelong friendships with paul and his crew,.
    from Nepal
  • Exceptional Experience
    Reviewed Tour: Manaslu Short Trek 2024 (11 months ago)
    Upon completing the Manaslu short trek, we couldn't have asked for more; it was an unforgettable experience. The company of four, including two newhammers, greatly enhanced our trip. The trek itself was truly breathtaking, made even more remarkable by the scarcity of other trekkers. Consequently, we found ourselves almost alone in the mountains, allowing us to enjoy a special connection with them all to ourselves. Our guide, Rajan from MCT, was fantastic in meeting our every need. The seamless travel experience, from our arrival in Kathmandu (where Nim and Rajan met us at the airport) to our departure (where Nim arranged an airport taxi and bid us farewell in person), provided us with a clear demonstration of their hospitality and professionalism.
    from Spain
  • A Majestic Adventure: Manaslu Trek
    Reviewed Tour: Manaslu Short Trek 2024 (12 months ago)
    Please, allow me to narrate about our hyperactive adventure on the Manaslu. The view was incredible, and the trail calm. We had different perceptions,such as lovely rhododendron forests and great snow-capped peaks. Our guide, Sai, was a great teacher who knew a lot and was helpful to understand the people and nature there It was a priority that every person in our group would have a good time - it did not matter how much hiking they did during any other day. This was set up by the MCT right from the very point where they picked us up from the airport. Ramkrishna informed us of it the first night before, and both he and Sai took us for a great dinner with dancing in Kathmandu. We were really, really satisfied with them and if you as a traveler in search of a cool adventure, I can highly recommend you to do it with them at Manaslu. It's a keeper. Do not throw it away!
    Hector & Family
    from UK
Shubh J
Shubh J
January 30, 2024.
Fantastic view Nepal panorama Expedition by Coretrek was a visual feast. Iconic treks, stunning peaks, and cultural gems. An immersive experience with a fantastic team.
vaibhav pandit g
vaibhav pandit g
January 30, 2024.
Awesome Coretrek's Langtang Vallet trek was an beautiful journey. Lush landscapes, friendly locals and, a team that cares. Truly an enriching experience.
January 29, 2024.
th trip was amazing Valley serenity Trek with CoreTrek was serene and peaceful. Langtang's beauty, warm hospital and a team that cares. An enriching experience for nature lovers
Sara J
Sara J
January 24, 2024.
Best nautre Valley serenity Trek with Coretrek was serene and peacful. Langtang's beauty , warm hospitality, and a team that cares. An enriching experience for nature lovers.
Neev J
Neev J
January 24, 2024.
Best trip Himalayan Bliss Helicopter by Core trek was blissful indeed. Helicopter rides over Everest and Annapurna - a dream come true. Highly recommended for a touch of luxury.
January 22, 2024.
Core trek journey is best Skyline Adventure Trek with Core Trek was a thrill. Panoramic views comfortable lodges, and expert guidance. An exhilarating journey with lasting memories.
ayushi m
ayushi m
January 21, 2024.
Core Trek was special Majestic peaks Expedition with coretrek was awe-inspiring Everest Annapurna, and more all in one unforgettable journey. A must for adventure seekers.
yash b
yash b
January 18, 2024.
Core Trek an amazing trek Summit delight helitrek by core Trek was a luxurious adventure. Helicopter ride to Everest's summit impeccable service, and breathtaking panoramas.
Nishant P
Nishant P
January 16, 2024.
The beauty of trek Pikey peak trek with core trek was incredible. Stunning sunrise, less crowded trails, and a perfect mix of adventure and tranquility. Highly recommended.
Harsh c
Harsh c
January 10, 2024.
Treak was an awesome Mardi himal trek by core trek was a hidden gems. Spectacular landscapes, cozy lodges and a perfect blend of adventure and tranquility.
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Meet Our Team

The founders left their successful careers in managing big-ticket sport events to provide tourists in India a unique yet convenient experience.
Nim Prasad Bhatta

Nim Prasad Bhatta CEO/Founder (travel expert)

As a founder of Manaslu Circuit Treks(MCT), Mr. Bhatta is responsible for overall operations, from micro to macro management of the company. Being an active trekker himself, his hard work comes from a deep passion for trekking and tourism industry in Nepal. He believes that he has got a lot to contribute with his high-level work experience of 12 years in the trekking sector since 2008.


Santosh Ghimire Managing Director

Santosh Ghimire is our Managing Director with an impressive work experience of 10 years which allows him to create strategic guidance and direction to the board. He is responsible for the execution of the business operations and to ensure that the company achieves its targeted mission and long-term goals.


Sailendra Bhatta Head of Sales Operations

Sailendra Bhatta, the head of sales operations, is the leader of entire sales operations and oversees all activities regarding to sales. He is responsible for proper sales training initiatives, planning and management for roles in the sales department.

Why Book With Us


100% Customizable

All of our trekking packages and trips are completely customizable. MCT values your interest, money, and most importantly time. So, feel free to add, remove, or modify destinations or activities for your trip. Our travel experts will guide and suggest you along the way emphasizing important aspects. We understand that everyone has different preferences, and we would love to know your plans/ideas for your next trip to Nepal.

Lifetime Deposit

MCT does not have a refundable system at the moment for canceled trips. However, our lifetime deposit scheme allows you to utilize your deposit even after the cancellation of the trip. You will not lose a single penny. Later, either you or your family/friends can use the scheme to book a trip with us.

No Hidden Charges

MCT believes in transparency. We do not charge extras besides the price that is shown on our website. Our packages are priced with no hidden charges, which means you will have no doubts about the final price once you book the trip. The quote you receive is the final price. If in case you need to modify the trips, we will provide the quotation accordingly. Plus, we will inform you regarding additional services earlier.

5% To Charity

Every year 5% of the profit generated from MCT goes to the needy people in Himalaya. We believe that it is our responsibility to contribute to the development of Himalayan People via Helping Hands for Himalayan People – Nepal (HHHP-Nepal) organization. HHHP-Nepal is a nonprofit organization working actively in the field of health, education, social construction, women’s right, culture, and the modern agriculture system of the Himalayan people.


As an adventure trekking and touring agency bringing in travelers from all across the globe, it is our prime job to educate visitors about their responsibility while in Nepal. Not only visitors but also the operators, government, and the locals should also be mindful of their behaviors while travelling, we refer to this as Responsible Tourism.

“Leave only footprints, take only photographs.”

Responsible Tourism by definition is all about making a better place for people to visit without affecting the places for people to live in. As Nepal Government encourages the tourism industry to take responsibility for making tourism sustainable, the phenomena is characterized in which:

  • minimizes negative economic, environmental and social impacts;
  • generates greater economic benefits for local people and enhances the well-being of host communities, improves working conditions and access to the industry;
  • involves local people in decisions that affect their lives and life changes;
  • makes positive contributions to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage, to the maintenance of the world’s diversity;
  • provides more enjoyable experiences for tourists through more meaningful connections with local people, and a greater understanding of local cultural, social and environmental issues;
  • provide access for people with disabilities and the disadvantaged;
  • is culturally sensitive, engenders respect between tourists and hosts, and builds local pride and confidence.