Manaslu Circuit Treks (MCT) is a government authorized trekking & touring company in Nepal that envisions to build the best touring and trekking company in Nepal with the foundation of trust and high-quality customer service.

Our company is dedicated to bringing a world-class touring service along with luxury accommodation facilities. Aside from that, we are keen on supporting Himalayan people. For that, we have our own autonomous and non-profitable organization dedicated to helping people in the Himalayas called Helping Hands for Himalayan People – Nepal. 5% of the company’s remuneration is funded directly to help those in need.

Customer satisfaction is our foremost priority and we are willing to go above and beyond. MCT has been actively working on upgrading the experience of travelers. We insist that you go through our terms and conditions before scheduling a trip.

Booking Conditions

To book a trip successfully, we require a copy of your passport and a 25% deposit of the total cost. The 25% deposit amount is non-refundable despite the circumstances. However, in case you are compelled to cancel your trip, the deposited funds will be allocated to your Lifetime Deposit account which can be assessed to book another trip with us in the future.

Payment Methods

Wire Transfer/ SWIFT
Pay to: CoreTrek Pvt. Ltd.
Current A/C: 0570010022369
Bank Name: Mega Bank Nepal Ltd.
Bank Street Address: Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

Note: Service charges related to the deposit are the complete responsibility of the client. MCT is not affiliated with any money transfer services and is not liable for charges during the transaction.

Trip Cancellation:

To cancel a trip, please provide us a written notice 2 weeks before your departure date. Failure to do so will result in termination of the trip.

According to our policy, 25% of the deposit amount is non-refundable. Instead, we recommend that you postpone the trip. If you choose to cancel the trip regardless, a cancellation charge of USD.100 will be deducted from the advance deposit. The rest will be transferred to your Lifetime Deposit account for the next trip.

Refund Policy

Unfortunately, MCT does not offer any refund services at the moment. Since the company provides Lifetime Deposit feature, the amount you transfer to us will never go in vain.

Our system allows you to utilize the deposit even after the cancellation of the trip. Later, either you or individuals you are related to can use this scheme for the same trip or any other.

Price Change

The price of the packages listed at MCT is subject to change. We reserve our rights to change the price under reasonable circumstances such as inflations, deflations, government actions, or drastic changes in the exchange rate. Therefore, we are not liable to answer anyone regarding the price changes.

Last Minute Booking

MCT allows you to book your trip 3 days before the departure date. We call it the Last Minute Booking. However, extra charges for the service will be applicable if you book through the Last Minute Booking.

Travel Insurance

A comprehensive travel insurance is mandatory before you start your trip with MCT. Before booking insurance policy make sure it covers all the expenses such as medical, personal accidents, emergency evacuations, loss of gears, natural calamities, theft, or damage to baggage and personal losses. We highly encourage that you check specifics while speaking to your insurance company.

Risk and Liabilities

Our tours are conducted under the strict rules and regulations of the Tourism Board of Nepal. MCT is not liable for any changes or cancellations of the trip under unavoidable circumstances like changes in rules and regulations of the country, government restrictions, natural calamities, political instability and cancellation of flights or accidents.

Unforeseen Circumstances

In case of a canceled trip due to any unforeseen conditions like natural calamities, war, unfavorable weather conditions, or change in government policies, your funds will automatically be transferred to a Lifetime Deposit account under your name. The funds can be accessed to book trips with us in the future.

Violation of Laws

MCT is not accountable for any kind of refunds in case you are compelled to leave Nepal as a result of unlawful acts that are against the government policy.


Your personal belongings are your responsibility. Hence we are not liable for either loss, damage, or theft of your belongings.

Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

You accept our terms of services once you make a deposit. Please be sure to review carefully before undertaking the booking procedure. Email us at our official e-mail address for further doubts.