Lower Manaslu Trek

11 Days
Explore the hill villages of Barphak and Laprak around lower Manaslu

Trip Highlights

  • An exclusive country to explore around scenic, cultural Mid-West Himalayas.
  • On off the beaten tracks, least ventured areas of Lower Manaslu by trekkers.
  • Enjoy the beautiful walks to cultural and heritage villages of Barphak and Laprak.
  • Explore the serene wilderness facing grand views of Manaslu Himalaya range.
  • Impressive and exciting traditional farm villages of cultural, historical interest.
  • Hotels in Kathmandu and in local standard to basic, simple lodges on treks
  • Moderate with ups and downhill walks
  • On top Darche Danda 3,220 m / 10, 564 feet
  • Exciting drives and trekking
  • Nepal Far North Mid-West around Gorkha district
  • 05 Nights & 06 Days with drives both ways
  • 11 Days

Short Outline Itinerary

Lower Manaslu Trek offers travelers, a unique perspective of exploration. The new but old discovered villages, Barphak and Laprak showcase the rural lifestyle of Nepal.

Lower Manaslu Area Trekking is one of the newly explored trekking destinations. The trekking takes place in Gorkha, where the unification of modern Nepal was started by the late King Prithivi Narayan Shah. 

The district carries historical, and archaeological significance and is equally blessed with serene vegetation and lovely views of peaks and landscapes.

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Barphak and Laprak are the major highlights of the trip. The 11 days trip takes you on a blissful trekking experience in Nepal.

 Highly inhabited by ex-army men, Barphak village at 1, 920 m / 6,300 feet high, contains all the basic amenities. Such as electricity, internet facility, medical services, and hotels. The hill villages are also famous for clustered stone-roofed houses, narrow stone alleys, and serene panoramic views.

 Overlooking the stunning peaks of Boudha Himal rise at 6,672m (21,889 feet) high, above the rolling green hills. On the other hand, Laprak is situated at a much higher altitude above 2,100m (6,890 feet). The village of Laprak is fairly cool, which holds the entire Laprak Village Development Committee of nine wards.

Mostly inhabited by the Gurung native, the main hill tribes of the Mid-West and Annapurna Himalaya range. The village with a checkpoint for the trekkers en route to higher areas of the Manaslu region. The accommodation is basic, however, the villagers are engaged in tourism and have good knowledge of tourism and trekking. 

Lower Manaslu Trek is an exclusive journey around Nepal Mid-West in the close shadow of the Manaslu and Ganesh Himal range.

Drive leads to a historical town at Gorkha, as well headquarters of the district itself. Time here to explore places of great cultural and historical interest, and then move towards the high green hill. Reaching Siran Danda, located on a green hill covered in a lovely forest of rhododendron, oaks, and pine trees.

The hill of Siran Danda offers a grand panorama of the Manaslu Himalaya range with a close peak of Boudha Himal. From Siran Danda, then towards Barphak and Laprak villages, one of the main highlights of the trip.

These hill villages, allow travelers to catch a glimpse of local traditional farm life of age-old heritage and culture. Walk then follows on high trails to Nambi Kharka and Tallo Thotneri, on the highest point of the trek.

In these remote Gurung villages, hardly trekkers pass through these undisturbed isolated areas of the Lower Manaslu Area.

The beauty of this wonderful Lower Manaslu Area Trekking is exploring the hidden pockets of Gorkha. As well as around Nepal’s Mid-West Himalayan hills on the least ventured route by the main flow of trekkers.

After an exciting and scenic cultural country walks, from the village of Ghyampesal, rich farmland. Where our great walks of less than a weekend, then taking an interesting drive back to Kathmandu. On reaching Kathmandu our marvelous experience on Lower Manaslu Trek concludes.

Day 01:         Arrival in Kathmandu.
1,350 m/ 4,428 feet. Overnight tourist standard Hotel.

Day 02:         From Kathmandu to Gorkha Bazaar drive.
Altitude: 1,060 m / 3,476 ft. at Gorkha Bazaar.

Drive approx. 6 hours by public Bus or private cars.
Includes: Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner. Overnight at Guesthouse.

Day 03:         At Gorkha Bazaar Excursion.
1,060 m/ 3,476 ft.
Includes: Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner.
Overnight at Guesthouse.

Day 04:         From Gorkha Bazaar to Siran-Danda.
Altitude:  1,900 m/ 6,232 ft.
Driving approx. 5 hours.
Includes: Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner. Overnight at Guesthouse.

Day 05:         Trek from Siran-Danda to Barphak.
Altitude: 1,920 m / 6,297 ft. at Barphak.
Approx. 06 hours walks.
Includes: Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner, Overnight at Guesthouse.

Day 06:         From Barphak to Laprak village.
Altitude: 2,100 m/ 6,888 ft. at Laprak village.
Approx. 06 hours walks.
Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner. Overnight at Guesthouse.

Day 07:         Trek for Laprak to Nambi Kharka.
Altitude:  2,700 m / 8,856 ft. Approx. 04 hours walks.
Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner. Overnight at Homestay.

Day 08:         Trek from Nambi Kharka to Tallo Thotneri.
Altitude:  1, 560 m / 5, 118 feet and 3,220 m / 10, 564 feet at Darche Danda. Approx. 07 hours walks.
Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner.
Overnight at Homestay Cottage.

Day 09:         Trek from Tallo Thotneri to Ghyampesal.
Altitude: 970 m / 5, 348 feet.
Approx. 06 hours walks.
Includes: Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner. Overnight at Homestay.

Day 10:         Ghyampesal to Kathmandu.
Altitude: 1,350 m/ 4,428 feet. 
Approx. 8 hours drives from dirt road to main highway.
Breakfast & Lunch Overnight tourist standard Hotel.

Day 11:         Final Departure Homeward bound.
Includes: Breakfast only.

Detailed Itinerary

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Altitude: 1,350 m/ 4,428 feet. Overnight at Tourist standard hotel in Kathmandu.
Includes: Welcome Dinner in a nice typical Nepalese Restaurants.

On first arrival in Kathmandu at Nepal International Airport received by our staff and guide, with warm Nepali traditional welcome. After, getting organized and then a short transfer to your hotel in the heart of Kathmandu city.

At the hotel check into your lovely rooms with refreshing rest after a jet-leg.
Then join in with other members of the group, for briefing at meeting halls or garden.
Our guide and leader will provide you with useful information regarding the trek, standard of lodge, foods and so on. If in doubt, can ask questions to make yourself at ease, after briefing enjoy the dinner in a typical Nepalese Restaurant.

Altitude: 1,060 m / 3,476 ft. at Gorkha Bazaar.
Drive approx. 05 hours by public Bus or private cars.
Distance of 145 kms / 90 miles.
Includes: Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner. Overnight at Guesthouse.

Morning after breakfast and getting ready for an overland journey as per size of group. Either in private cars, coach on in the comfort of Tourist Bus, for an interesting drive to Nepal Mid-West. Reaching a historical hill town in Gorkha, located on a hill, a historical town of old Shah Dynasty palace.

Towers above Gorkha town, from here the King Prithivi Narayan Shah started conquest of the country’s different smaller kingdoms and unified into a single nation to one Nepal.

Altitude: 1,060 m/ 3,476 ft. Includes: Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner.
Overnight at Guesthouse.

Morning visit the fort palace stands high above the town of Gorkha Bazaar;
the fort palace dominates the surrounding. Visible from all around Gorkha town. The palace also boasts magnificent work of architecture, although only Hindus are allowed to enter the palace premises. But worth walking up the stairs for the view and for a short little exercise, from here visit Gorakhanath cave, believed to be the meditating site of the great Guru (Sage) Gorakhanath. Hence the name Gorkha is named after the Sage according to legends. The cave at mere distance from the palace premises.

Another interesting place to visit the Gorkha Museum is a repository holding many artefacts. Which reflect the culture, tradition and history includes others information of Gorkha and ancient Nepal.

Afternoon at leisure to explore the Gorkha Bazaar and witness the local culture and daily life of hill people.

Altitude: 1,900 m/ 6,232 ft. Driving approx. 5 hours.
Includes: Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner. Overnight at Home Stay-Guesthouse.

Morning after breakfast, taking a few hour ride to Bhachek farm village reaching our destination to Siran-Danda. The drive follows Darundi River facing views of Snow Mountains, then reaching Bhachek through a small place of Chanute.

After a refreshing stop, hike starts to Siran-Danda for an hour, a beautiful hill top and a plateau. Enjoy visit of Nage-Pokhari, Dudh-Pokhari and the small tea garden are the main highlights of Siran-Danda. The area is also famous for beautiful wildflowers and herbs, after an exciting day transfer into a lodge.

Which serves a home stay, run and managed by the village communities, having local meals of organic farm products.

Altitude: 1,920 m / 6,297 ft. at Barphak. Approx. 06 hours walks.
Includes: Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner, Overnight at Guesthouse in a Home-Stay.

A pleasant morning, having breakfast start the day walk to Ghyachok heading through a small farm areas of Mathar. A gradual winding hilly trail, as walk leads to Barphak village, past Dewalsar, following a Sum stream and Darudi River.

Walk towards Goje, Alagang, finally reaching Barphak by late afternoon facing views of sunset, reflecting on high snow-capped peaks.

Altitude: 2,100 m/ 6,888 ft. at Laprak village. Approx. 06 hours walks.
Includes: Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner. Overnight at Guesthouse.

Morning after breakfast, a short tour of Barphak interesting village, the main epicenter of the massive earthquake. Which was on the month of April and May 2015, the whole villages is returning back to normal life. After a mass destruction from the earthquakes, the village is near of completion of its restoration.

Walk leads to Basukang, where two trail branches off, where one leads to high Rupina La Pass. The trail follows continues towards our overnight destination at Laprak, another lovely hill village which is a fantastic symbol of unity here.

Arriving at Laprak by late afternoon before dusk, transfer to a nice cottage which is part of Home Stay program.

Altitude: 2,700 m / 8,856 ft. Approx. 04 hours walks.
Includes: Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner. Overnight at Homestay.

An enjoyable walk on today’s section of the trek, allows trekkers to explore the local farming and animal husbandry. Our destination towards Nambi Kharka, which means a rich pastureland for cattle herder. The trail follows a short and scenic walks with few steep climb to a high hill of Myas Bhanjyang.

Offers spectacular panorama of surrounding beautiful landscapes scenery with distant snow-capped peaks. Enjoy having a short rest on this short stretch of walks, and continue hike to Nambi Kharka for overnight in another Home-Stay cottage.

Altitude: 1, 560 m / 5, 118 feet and 3,220 m / 10, 564 feet at Darche Danda.
Approx. 07 hours walks. Includes: Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner.
Overnight at Homestay Cottage.

Today the longest walk of the trip, start the day as early as possible.
The trail leads to a steep climb on top Darche Danda, the highest point of the trek.
From the top facing glorious panorama of stunning sunrise over rolling green hills as it reflect on Himalayan peaks. Facing views of whole massif range of Annapurna Himalayas with Vara-Shikar / Annapurna Fang, Gangapurna, Sringi Himal.
Includes Langtang, Himal Chuli, and Bauddha Himal with Ganesh Himal.

After a great scenic view, walk continues reaching another lovely Gurung farm village of Tallo Thotneri for overnight. In the comfort of nice simple Home Stay hut, after a long day walk.

Altitude: 970 m / 5, 348 feet. Approx. 06 hours walks.
Includes: Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner. Overnight at Homestay.

After breakfast, visit the religious Sita Cave of Tallo Thotneri and then start the day following the path within a tropical forest to Sita Cave. A sacred site for Hindu devotees and pilgrims, visits the cave for offering and worships. After visiting Sita Cave, walk leads to Gyaji and then heading further down to Gyampesal village for overnight halt. The last and final ending point of our Lower Manaslu Trek. Overnight in a tent or a staying in the comfort of village Home Stay at Gyampesal.

Altitude: 1,350 m/ 4,428 feet.
Approx. 8 hours drives from dirt road to main highway. Includes: Breakfast & Lunch Overnight tourist standard Hotel.

Completing our marvelous trek at Ghyampesal village, from here an early morning drive from Gyampesal to the Gorkha Bazaar. A rough ride on dirt road for few hours reaching Gorkha Bazaar. From the town of Gorkha, either on a private jeep/car or taking a regular local bus to Kathmandu. The drive is pleasant on main highway through many farm villages and towns. As the drive ends on reaching at Kathmandu by late afternoon or evening time.

Includes: Breakfast only.

Last day in Kathmandu and Nepal, after a great memorable experience on Lower Manaslu Area Trekking. Our staff transfer you to the international airport terminal, and then bidding farewell to the guide and staff. As you head for the smooth flight homeward bound.



  • Airport pick up, drop by private vehicles.
  • 02 night’s standard twin- sharing accommodation in a 3 starts hotel in Kathmandu.
  • 8 nights twin sharing accommodation during trek.
  • Local Transportation Jeep/ Bus.
  • (If you want both ways private vehicle also available on additional cost).
  • Three meals a day, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Tea/ Coffee in during the meals time.
  • One highly experienced, helpful and friendly license holder guide. His food, accommodation, salary, equipment and accident insurance for all staff.
  • Four seasonal sleeping bag. (if necessary)
  • Company Duffle Bag, T- shirt.
  • A self-sufficient medical first aid Kit containing vital medications.
  • Company branded 01 water bottle.
  • Local and government taxes.


  • All kind of beverage.
  • Personal travel and health insurance, insurance for helicopter evacuation.
  • Porter service. Do you need a porter? Inquire to our trek expert.
  • Tipping to staffs.
  • Personal mountaineering gears
  • Optional trips if extended
  • International airfare.
  • Visa fee, you obtain a visa easily upon your arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport Kathmandu,
  • Extra expenses due to flight delays, strikes, weather condition or any event out our control.

Major Information

Best Seasons:

The ideal seasons for an amazing Lower Manaslu Trek are spring and autumn. Spring begins from March to May, offering longer days with ample sunlight. During this time, the hills are adorned with vibrant wildflowers, including the rhododendron, Nepal’s national flower.

Autumn, from September to November, is the next best season. The days are clear, providing excellent visibility and enjoyable walks. However, the days are shorter due to fewer sunlight hours. This season is considered the peak time for trekking in the Himalayas.

In both seasons, the days are mostly bright and sunny, offering clear views. However, it is important to note that the afternoons can occasionally become cloudy. Light rains and snowfall are possible at higher elevations, particularly during spring. Moreover, the temperature drops during the early mornings and nights.

Please keep in mind that weather conditions can vary, and it is always advisable to check with local authorities or trekking agencies for the most up-to-date information before embarking on your journey.

Culture, Religion & History:

The lower warm areas of the Manaslu region, particularly in the Gorkha district, are inhabited by a diverse mix of hill tribes. These include the Gurung, Magar, Hindu Bharamins, Chettries, and Newars, along with some Bhot people who have migrated from the high Manaslu and Tsum areas.

The cultural and religious landscape of the region is a fusion of Hinduism and Buddhism, particularly in the lowland to mid-hills encompassing villages like Barphak and Laprak.

In the high-hill villages, which are predominantly populated by the Gurung community, Buddhism holds a strong presence. The Gurung people deeply embrace their ancient heritage and culture, and their religious practices extend to Shamanism, a belief system that venerates nature and mountain spirits. This amalgamation of traditions adds to the rich tapestry of the region’s cultural diversity.

Why Choose this Trip?

The 11-day Lower Manaslu Trek is an ideal choice for individuals seeking to experience the manifold wonders of the Manaslu Region within a limited timeframe. This trek offers a comprehensive exploration of the region’s natural beauty, cultural richness, historical significance, and unique way of life, all condensed into a shorter duration. Here are some compelling reasons to embark on this adventure:

  1. Natural Beauty: Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring natural beauty of the Lower Manaslu region, replete with verdant forests, meandering rivers, and breathtaking mountain vistas. This trek allows you to revel in the region’s captivating landscapes without ascending to high altitudes.
  2. Cultural Experience: Delve into the vibrant culture and lifestyle of the Manaslu Region, particularly the Gurung and Tamang communities. Gain invaluable insights into their distinct customs, traditions, and legendary hospitality, forging a deeper connection with the local way of life.
  3. Short Duration: The 10-day itinerary offers a shorter alternative to the full Manaslu Circuit Trek, which typically spans 14-16 days. This makes it an excellent choice for individuals with time constraints who still yearn to explore and savor the essence of the region.
  4. Enchanting Villages: Traverse through picturesque villages that epitomize the charm of the Manaslu Region. These settlements provide an authentic glimpse into the traditional lifestyles of the local residents, allowing for cultural immersion and memorable encounters.
  5. Terraced Fields: Feast your eyes on the mesmerizing terraced fields, a hallmark of the lower Manaslu Region. Marvel at the meticulously crafted agricultural landscapes, adorned with crops like rice, corn, and millet, showcasing the harmonious relationship between humans and their environment.
  6. Scenic Vistas: Revel in the panoramic vistas offered by the Lower Manaslu Trek. Feast your eyes on the majestic peaks of the Manaslu Range, including the imposing Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, and Himalchuli, painting a sublime backdrop for your journey.

In conclusion, the 11-day Lower Manaslu Trek is a perfect choice for those seeking an immersive experience of the Manaslu Region’s natural wonders, cultural tapestry, historical significance, and unique way of life within a limited timeframe.

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Is Lower Manaslu Trek in Nepal safe?

Yes, it is completely safe to trek to the Lower Manaslu with proper gears and instruction. If there are any obstructions at the time of booking, our team will let you know. Invest in professional guides to stay well-informed during the trip.

How difficult is Lower Manaslu Trek in Nepal?

Lower ManasluTrek is considered a beginner level trek. An average adult with no major health issues can complete the trek with ease. Just make sure to follow the safety precautions provided during the training session.

How long does Lower Manaslu Trek in Nepal take?

Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal is of 11 days and 10 nights. The days include acclimatization time and an average of 4-5 hours of trekking every day.

Do I need permits for Lower Manaslu Trek in Nepal?

Yes, you do need permits for Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal. Following are required permits:
1. TIMS – Trekkers’ Information Management System
2. Manaslu Conservation Area Permit
3. Special Permit for Manaslu Region

How to book the Lower Manaslu Trek in Nepal?

To book the Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal, there are 3 options that MCT offers, they are:
1. Online Booking
2. Wire Transfer
3. Cash on Arrival
Note: Go through our Booking Policy before you proceed with booking.

What is the best time for Lower Manaslu Trek in Nepal?

Lower Manaslu Trek in Nepal can be done throughout the year. Every season has its own pros and cons. However, Spring and Autumn are best for Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal.

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