Manaslu Photography Tour

24 Days
5 - Excellent
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An Exclusive Adventure for Landscape and Portrait Photographers

Trip Highlights

  • Explore remote and isolated villages of scenic country of Tsum Valley.
  • An exciting walks following on old Trans Himalayan Salt Trade Route.
  • In the land of ancient cultures of traditional age-old Buddhism heritage.
  • From low sub-tropical to cooler green hills and towards windswept landscapes.
  • Amazing walks from Tsum valley to Upper Manaslu crossing high Larke-La
  • Hotels in Kathmandu and best available local lodges on treks
  • Moderate to Adventurous walks
  • On top Larke-La Pass at 5,106 m / 16, 752 feet
  • Interesting tour, scenic photography trek with exciting drives
  • Nepal Far North Mid-West around Gorkha district to Manang area
  • 19 Nights & 20 Days with drives both ways
  • 23 Nights & 24 Days from arrival to departure

Manaslu Photography Tour Overview

This tour explores the Tsum Valley and areas en route to Upper Manaslu, providing exceptional opportunities to capture the region’s beautiful scenery, including towering snow-capped peaks, traditional villages, and local people.

Nepal offers diverse subjects for all types of photography, from rolling green hills and verdant valleys to lovely dense forests. In addition to scenic views of snowcapped mountain ranges, participants can often observe crystal blue skies ideal for photography above 3,000 meters during daylight hours, depending on the season.

Beyond stunning scenery along walks in Tsum Valley and the Manaslu region, the local culture proves equally fascinating. The Tsum Valley and Upper Manaslu have retained their age-old traditions and customs from ancient times.

Tour highlights include learning about impressive local practices and the traditional way of life. The first part leads to Tsum Valley after departing from the main Manaslu Circuit trails. Heading east, the first village of Tsum, Chumling, offers ample photographic opportunities.

As the route continues through the inner Tsum valley villages of Chokang-Paro and Nile, participants can experience exciting local culture. The adventure concludes at Mu Gompa, with dramatic landscapes including the North Face of Ganesh Himal and views of the Nepal-Tibet border.

At 3,700 meters, Mu Gompa marks the end of Tsum Valley, home to an old monastery and over 100 monks including a nunnery, Dhephu Doma Gompa located nearby. This photogenic spot offers cultural and religious insights alongside stunning surroundings.

After photography, the route rejoins the main Manaslu Circuit, passing the last Tsum villages of Chumling and Lokpa to reach the scenic settlement of Lo-Gaun, with Mt. Manaslu towering above. The adventure then leads to the high Manaslu valley’s Sama-Gaun, a gateway to routes including the Manaslu base camp and Nepal-Tibet frontiers.

Samagaun offers time to explore its lovely culture and viewpoints. The trail follows to Samdo village and Dharmasala, the last overnight surrounded by snowcapped peaks in Gorkha District. An early morning hike ascends the steep Larkya-La Pass, the tour’s highest point.

Larke-La offers exceptional panoramic views of the Manaslu Himalaya range with Annapurna and Damodar Himal, as well as Himlung, Larke, Cheo Peaks and Ganesh Himal on the eastern horizon. After a photo session, the route descends from Larkya-La through Manang district to Bhimthang.

The tour concludes its scenic journey through valleys with a gradual descent from Bhimthang via tree lines to Dharapani village, before completing in Kathmandu. Tsum Valley & Manaslu Circuit Photography Trek guarantees a safe, culturally immersive experience with experienced local guides. Participants can enjoy a lifetime of joy and fulfillment in Nepal’s stunning landscapes.

Detailed Itinerary

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Altitude: 1,350 m/ 4,428 feet. Overnight at Tourist standard hotel in Kathmandu. Meal Included: Welcome Dinner in a nice typical Nepalese Restaurants.

On first arrival in Kathmandu at Nepal International Airport received by our staff and guide, with warm Nepali traditional welcome. After, getting organized and then a short transfer to your hotel in the heart of Kathmandu city.

At the hotel check into your lovely rooms with refreshing rest after a jet-leg.
Then join in with other members of the group, for briefing at meeting halls or garden.
Our guide and leader will provide you with useful information regarding the trek, standard of lodge, foods and so on. If in doubt, can ask questions to make yourself at ease, after briefing enjoy the dinner in a typical Nepalese Restaurant.

Meal Included: Breakfast only. Overnight at Hotel in Kathmandu.

Moring after a hearty breakfast, as per the time informed by our guide and staff our tour guide will meet. A short drive and walk in the heart of Kathmandu city, where the famous old Durbar Square located. An ancient palace and courtyard of earlier kings from Malla to former Shah Period. Interesting areas adorned with temples and old palace, as well with resident of famous Living Goddess the Kumari. Includes a temple of Kasthamandap, where Kathmandu name derived from, meaning a temple built from the wood of a single tree.

The temples and monuments of Durbar Square, listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. After an interesting tour, a short drive leads west of the city to another famous landmark of Nepal. The Swayambhunath Stupa of Buddhist monuments, located on a hillock, one can enjoy views of Kathmandu city and the valley.

The Stupa one of the oldest in Nepal and probably in the world of more than 2,600 years of history. After an impressive morning tour back to hotel, rest of the day preparation for the wonderful Tsum Valley & Manaslu Circuit Photography Trek.

Altitude: 700 m/ 2,296 feet. Drive approx. 8 hours by Bus.
Overnight at Guesthouse or local lodge.
Meals Included: Breakfast-Lunch and Dinner.

Depart for wonderful adventure to Tsum Valley & Manaslu Circuit Photography Trekking, taking a private car, comfortable tourist standard bus, or coach. As per the size of a group, a long drive takes you beyond Kathmandu valley towards the Gorkha district.

Located Nepal Mid-West around Gandaki Zone, a country of low and mid-hills, heavily cultivated farm areas. The drive follows Nepal’s main busy highway for some hours and then diverts heading north to Arughat town.

Arughat town is situated on low farm areas close to the raging Buri Gandaki River, from here another few hours of drive on the dirt country road to Soti-Khola for an overnight halt.

Soti-Khola a small farming area slowly growing into a town, as the motorable road has been connected.

Altitude: 930 m/ 350 feet. Approx. 6-hour walk.
Overnight at Guesthouse / local lodge.
Meals Included: Breakfast-Lunch and Dinner.

Start the first-day trek of the adventure, heading due north following the Buri Gandaki upstream. The morning walk leads to a short climb for a few hours past smaller farm villages then end the day at Machha Khola.

A moderate size farm village with a number of simple and basic lodges for an overnight stop. The name Machha Khola means a Fishing stream. Along the walk few interesting places for photograph.

Altitude: 1,340 m/ 4,395 feet. Approx. 6 hour walk.
Overnight at Guesthouse / local lodge.
Meals Included: Breakfast-Lunch and Dinner.

From Machha Khola, after a pleasant overnight stop, the second-day walks lead to cooler hills. On leaving the low sub-tropical heavily farmed areas, the route follows slow ups and downs. Walking through a patch of forest reaching Tatopani, a place with a natural hot spring, enjoy the refreshing bathing as time permits.

Walk to Khola Besi and then to Dovan, a nice farm village for a short refreshing stop and continue the climb. As the day ends reach a nice moderate size hill village at Jagat for an overnight halt.

At Jagat, with time a short walk around to observe the local cultures, a blend of Hindu and Buddhism religions.

An interesting village to take photographs of local villagers cultures of both Hindu and Buddhism.

Altitude: 2,240 m/ 7, 350 feet. Approx. 6 hour walks.
Overnight at Guesthouse / local lodge.
Meal Included: Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner.

After a pleasant time at Jagat, from here onwards starts the Restricted Area of Tsum Valley & Upper Manaslu. After Jagat all foreign visitors need to obtain a special permit to enter Tsum Valley & Upper Manaslu till Dharapani villages is reached. The walk leads to climbing and then crossing a bridge to Nagjet and Philim villages, a lovely farm area.

As route leads past the neatly tended farm terraces reaching a cool shade of the forest on reaching Deng. From here onwards into strong Buddhism culture, as walk follows higher area, past Deng. Slowly the long day trek comes to an end on reaching at Pewa and then at Lokpa for an overnight stop.

Altitude: 2,386 m/ 7,827 feet. Approx. 6 hour walks.
Overnight at Guesthouse / local lodge.
Meal Included: Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner.

From here onwards entering the hidden valley of Tsum, morning walk to a narrow river gorge. Leads to a short descent, and then with steep up reaching a forested path lined with rhododendron and pine trees. The walk continues past smaller farm villages. Then to a gradual uphill as walk heads east above a stream then reaching at first village of Tsum in Chumling overnight halt.

Altitude: 3,010 m/ 0,903 feet. Approx. 6 hour walks.
Overnight at Guesthouse / local lodge.
Meal Included: Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner.

After first overnight around Tsum region, having breakfast morning walk leads further east. Adventure continues through cultivated farm terraces villages facing views of Ganesh, Sringi and Manaslu Himal.

Walk then heads downhill to cross a bridge above Smatiking Khola / stream to reach Chokang-Paro for overnight stop. A nice moderate traditional farm village facing views of tunning landscapes with snow-capped peaks.

Enjoy the afternoon exploring the village of strong Buddhism culture and custom adorned with prayer monuments.

Altitude: 3,361 m / 11,058 feet. Approx. 5 hours walks.
Overnight at Guesthouse / local lodge.
Meal Included: Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner.

Start the morning overlooking great scenery of dramatic landscapes, after a pleasant overnight. From this nice village walk leads closer to our main highlight destination of Tsum Valley to Nile and Mu Gompa. Enjoy the scenic morning walk and take a side trip to interesting cave of 11th saint and guru Millerepa of Tibet, stayed here for mediation. From this tranquil spot, follow the trail on windswept terrain, then reaching into a wide open scenic valley.

From here into dry, arid landscapes similar like Tibetan terrains, where green vegetation and tall trees fades for smaller juniper bush. Walk continues along with grand views of Ganesh and Manaslu Himal.

Finally the day long walk completes reaching at Nile for overnight stop in a nice simple lodge. Probably the best overnight accommodation and food provided around Tsum area, due high and harsh conditions.

On route to Nile various scenic photographic places to captures as well at Nile Lovely village.

Altitude: 3,700 m/ 12, 174 feet. Approx. 7 hours walks both ways.
Overnight at Guesthouse / local lodge.
Meal Included: Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner.

Staying another overnight in Nile, as Mu Gompa does not have good accommodation and lodges. As well the food are limited, but it is best to visit for a day. Morning from Nile take a hike to Mu Gompa, our final end of Tsum Valley adventure. Having breakfast start the morning with gradual climb on dry windswept country, facing dramatic scenery of surrounding beautiful landscapes and of snow peaks.

The walk finally reaches Mu Gompa the highest spot before Larke-La Pass, having rest visit the oldest monastery of Tsum. Treasures ancient relics with idols of Lord Buddha, famous saints and Gurus. Explore around Mu Gompa the highest and remote part of Tsum Valley. Interested people can take a short visit of Dhephu Doma Gompa, a nunnery.

After an interesting time at Mu Gompa with plenty of beautiful areas to take
Photographs. Then return back to Nile for overnight stop, on achieving our first goal and highlight of the adventure.

Altitude: 2,386 m/ 7,827 feet. Approx. 7 hours walks.
Overnight at Guesthouse / local lodge.
Meal Included: Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner.

After an exciting visit of Mu Gompa and at Nile walk towards Chumling, return walk leads south then cross a bridge to the west bank. Walk past Chokan Paro then downhill to join on main trail to Chumling for last overnight stop around Tsum Valley area.

Altitude: 2,240 m/ 7350 feet. Approx. 6 hour walks.
Overnight at Guesthouse / local lodge.
Meal Included: Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner.

Morning start walk to reach back at Lokpa, on gradual ups and down as route leads close to main route of Manaslu, walk continues heading further down on leaving Tsum valley. Journey follows with short descend past Domje then back reaching at Lokpa village for overnight stop.

Altitude: 2,630 m. / 8,626 ft. Approx. 6 hours walk.
Overnight at Guesthouse / Lodge-Tea House.
Meals Included: Breakfast-Lunch and Dinner.

From Lokpa, back into forested ridge lined with tall rhododendron, pine, and fir trees. A slow and steady downhill to Bhi Bazaar, situated near the riverside, after a pleasant top. The walk continues heading towards farm areas with nice cultivated terraces of millets and barley and then reaching Namrung. After checking into the best available lodge, enjoy the grand views of Mt. Manaslu North Face with an array of peaks.

Altitude: 2,957 m / 9,698 ft. Approx. 4 hours walks.
Overnight at Guesthouse / Lodge.
Meal Included: Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner.

Adventure today leads into the high Manaslu valley on entering one of the prettiest and charming village of Lo Gaon. Having goof breakfast, then setting off for the long enjoyable scenic trek to Lo-Gaon. As walk follows to a slow gradual climb, and within cool shade of forest lined with pine and rhododendron trees.

Trek heads high above the Buri Gandaki River, and then on winding up past few summer settlements of cattle herder. Then finally ending the enjoyable pleasant day walk on reaching at nice large village of Lo-Gaon.

Lo-Gaon is a beautiful village within the shadow of majestic Mt. Manaslu with a contrast of green forest and white snow peaks. Enjoy the picturesque scenery of wonderful landscapes and snow peaks, capturing in your camera.

Altitude: 3,530 m/ 11, 582 feet. Approx. 7 hours walk.
Overnight at Guesthouse / Lodge-Tea House.
Meals Included: Breakfast-Lunch and Dinner.

Enjoy the morning picturesque scenery of wonderful landscapes and snow peaks, as the walk continues heading due west.

Adventure follows on gradual uphill trail around Upper Manaslu through a number of farm villages and Yak herder camps. An interesting walk on high Manaslu valley, enclosed by high rocky cliff and snow peaks.

The view of Mt. Manaslu and Sringi Himal remains constant for some hours as walk finally comes to an end on reaching at Sama-Gaon.

Sama-Gaon, the main village of high Manaslu valley as well one of the highlights of the adventure. Check into a nice lodge, with time to browse around the village and witness the local fascinating culture of Buddhism.

All along the walk beautiful scenery to enjoy and for photograph of various smaller villages to yak herder shelters.

Overnight at Guesthouse / Lodge-Tea House.
Meals Included: Breakfast-Lunch and Dinner.
Day Hike either Manaslu Base Camp, Bhirendra Tal, or Pungyen Gompa.

A free day as well to support acclimatization, a perfect height at 3,550 m for a local short hike. Several best places for interested and eager trekkers and adventurers, one can enjoy a day hike to Manaslu Base Camp.

A long full day walk of more than 6 hours both ways, the best hike is to Bhirendra Tal. A glacial pond on route Manaslu base camp, a walk of a few hours uphill facing grand views of Mt. Manaslu.

One can enjoy the rest day with a leisure walk exploring the village and visiting the old Pungyen Gompa. Great enjoyable day for photography around Sama-Gaon and beyond.

Altitude: 3,865 m/ 12,677 feet. Approx. 4 hours walk.
Overnight at Guesthouse / Lodge-Tea House.

Adventure gets more exciting on reaching the high scenic Manaslu valley, from Sama-Gaon walk get interesting.

The route follows windswept terrain where tree lines disappear for high-altitude shrubs and bushes.

The valley gets narrow as the trek leads towards a mountainous country facing grand views of wonderful landscapes. A short half-day walk to Samdo but taking it slow due to the rise of altitude.

After a pleasant trek of some hours and then a short steep up to Samdo for lunch and overnight halt. Samdo is the last village before reaching the other side of Larke-La Pass to the Manang areas.

The village with more than forty houses with typical Tibetan style for more than two hundred inhabitants.

Rest of the afternoon explore this last village of Samdo located on route Larke-La Pass and to the Tibet border. An exciting village to capture in the camera a photogenic village and its amazing surroundings with high snow peaks.

Altitude: 4,460 m / 14,628 feet. Approx. 4 hours walk.
Overnight at Guesthouse / Lodge-Tea House.
Meals Included: Breakfast-Lunch and Dinner.

Walk today a short on pleasant trail to the highest overnight stop on route Larke-La with overnight at Dharmasala. The route leads at the end of Manaslu valley and the last of the Gorkha district. The base of Larke-La pass of Manaslu area, a place with few huts that serve as lodge and guest-house.

In high times of trekking season this place is crowded with trekkers. Where some groups have to spend on tented camps provided by the lodge owners. In the early days, it was known as Larke Bazaar, where the market was held with buyers and sellers. Merchants, and traders from across the country as far from Tibet and Manang region used to sell and exchange their products.

At Dharmasala arriving at lunchtime, and for an overnight stop. Rest of the afternoon relax and prepare for the adventure Larke-La Pass. Another lovely spot for photograph around Dharmasala and of scenic surrounding.

Altitude: 5,106 m / 16, 752 feet at Larke-La 3, 700 m/ 12,201 feet at Bhimthang Approx. 8-hour walk. Overnight at Guesthouse / Lodge-Tea House.

Today reaching the final highlight of the adventure, after an early breakfast, and carrying pack lunch for the long day’s walk. Start the climb before break of dawn, heading towards a high slope on rocky gravel path above the lodge of Dharmasala.

Climb contours on winding steep uphill path, after hours of strenuous walk reaching on top of Larke-La Pass. The top is adorned with prayer flags and a signpost with the name of Pass and heights.

Every hard effort rewards you with an astonishing panorama of Manaslu and Annapurna Himalayan peaks. Includes views of Himlung, Cheo Himal, and Kang Guru, as far as Ganesh Himal Far East direction.

One of the best spot to capture all of snow-mountain range, here you will be engrossed busy with your camera.

After a tough climb, a long downhill takes you to the other side of Phedi at Bhimthang for an overnight stop. A long descent through moraine and Larcia glacier then reach Tambuche, the base of Larke-La Pass on Manang side.

From the bottom walk to Bhimthang overnight after a long, hard day, a lovely spot amidst green forest surroundings.

Altitude: 2,560 m / 8399 feet.
Approx. 5 hours walks. Overnight at Guesthouse / Lodge-Tea House.
Meal Included: Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner.

After a tough climb crossing the pass and long descent of previous day, today a pleasant walk from Bhimthang to Gho for overnight. On leaving Bhimthang with downhill reaching a valley of Burdin Khola / stream, which is also the base of Mt. Manaslu west flank. From this high ridge facing grand views of Mt. Manaslu with Annapurna-II towards south west.

Continue walk over Dudh Khola, as walk follows down into a narrow valley amidst dense forest, then reaching Gho for overnight stop. Situated within a forest clearing, a perfect spot for overnight after a tiring day crossing Larke-La pass.

Altitude: 1, 800 m / 5,904 feet. Approx. 7 hours walk.
Overnight at Guesthouse / Lodge-Tea House.

Enjoy the last final trek around Tsum Valley & Manaslu Circuit adventure, although a long walk to Dharapani village. But an easy pleasant downhill trek compared to the previous tough day, start early having a good breakfast.

Walk heads towards a forested path with a few short ups and down to a small settlement of Gho. After a refreshing stop, continue to walk into the cool shade of the dense forest to Tilje, a nice village above Masrsyangdi River.

Stopping at Tilje for a possible lunch break, the last phase of the walk with a short climb over a bridge. Afternoon walk to a bridge and then a short climb to our final overnight destination at Dharapani village. Located on the famous and popular Annapurna and Manaslu Circuit route, a lovely village for the last day.

Dharapani offers many good lodges with nice rooms, having a comprehensive food menu to enjoy the last day party.

Altitude: 1,350 m. / 4,428 feet at Kathmandu.
Drive approx. 8 on charted vehicle. Overnight in Hotel at Kathmandu.

Final day around the Himalayan hills of Manaslu and Annapurna Himalayas, an exciting drive to Kathmandu. Having a good breakfast, board on a local vehicle, depending upon the size of a group.

A long overland journey but interesting winding downhill to low warm farm areas of Lamjung district. As drive stops for short while at Besisar, the headquarters town of Lamjung. From Besisar on a good road, then joining on the main Pokhara and Kathmandu highway at Dumre town.

Drive more than four hours from Dumre town on winding uphill to the outskirt of Kathmandu valley. Finally drive ends on reaching your hotel, arriving by late afternoon or evening time. After a most mesmerizing adventure of a lifetime experience on Tsum Valley & Manaslu Circuit Trek.

A free day in Kathmandu after a tough long walk around Manaslu with classic adventure around Tsum Valley & Manaslu Circuit Photography Trek.

Enjoy the day relaxing with individual activities or join in for another exciting tour.

Meal Included: Breakfast Only.

Last day in Kathmandu and Nepal, after a great memorable adventure around Tsum Valley & Manaslu Circuit Photography Trek. Our staff transfer you to the international airport terminal, and then bidding farewell to the guide and staff. As you head for the smooth flight homeward bound.

Best Seasons for Photography in Tsum Valley and Manaslu Circuit

The best seasons for photography in the Tsum Valley and Manaslu Circuit trekking routes are spring and autumn. Spring runs from March through May and is characterized by longer days with abundant sunlight. Autumn spans from September through November. During these seasons, days are generally bright with sunshine, allowing for clear views and pleasant walking conditions. However, skies can grow cloudy in late afternoons. Light rains and occasional snowfall in higher elevations are possibilities, and temperatures drop in early mornings and evenings.

Springtime sees the hills bursting with colorful wildflowers, especially rhododendrons, Nepal’s national flower. The following prime season is autumn, with much clearer views and walks benefiting from full daylight hours. However, days grow shorter. Mornings and late afternoons through nights take on cooler temperatures. Higher elevations may see intermittent snowfall.

Culture, Religion, and History

The lower, warmer areas surrounding Manaslu Valley where the trek is located consist of mixed tribes including Gurung, Magar, Hindu Bharamins, Chettries, and Newars, with some Bhot migrants from the high Manaslu and Tsum regions. Culture and religion blend Hindu and Buddhist influences at lower and mid-elevations up to Jagat and Philim villages. Beyond, the indigenous peoples of the high Tsum and Manaslu valleys through Dharapani in Manang strongly adhere to Buddhism, following ancient heritage and culture similar to neighboring Tibet given the nearby border.

Residents of the high Tsum Valley and Manaslu are known as Bhotia people, denoting Tibetan descent. Large monasteries appear from Namrung onward, lined with prayer walls and prayer wheels. “Tsum” means “valley of happiness” in an old Tibetan dialect, truly embodying a hidden, mythical Shangri-La where age-old Buddhist traditions persist.

The Manaslu region was historically traversed by the ancient Trans-Himalayan Salt Trade Route connecting Nepal and Tibet. Yaks and pack animals laden with goods traveled between the two countries. The base of Larkya La pass, now called Dharmasala or Phedi, was formerly named Larke Bazaar, where traders and merchants from Tibet, Gorkha, and as far as Manang would visit on market days.

Manaslu” derives from a Sanskrit term denoting the soul or spirit of God. Locals call their land Kutang, meaning a place blessed with good pastures and fertile fields. Mt. Manaslu at 8,163 meters stands as the world’s 8th highest peak, first successfully ascended on May 9, 1956 by a Japanese expedition supported by Nepali guide Gyalzen Norbu Sherpa.

The area was closed to outside visitors until 1991 when it re-opened for trekking under a special permit system, as Manaslu remains a restricted region. This protects the pristine environment while managing tourist flows due to the region’s proximity to Tibet/China. The Manaslu Conservation Area Project now safeguards the area.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

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Why is Tsum Valley and Manaslu Area Restricted region?

There are several regions in Nepal listed as Restricted Areas like Tsum and Manaslu, due to its close frontier with Tibet / China.

Where trekkers require a special permit to enter the Restricted Areas, which should be accompanied by Government Regisrated local company guides. The other reason is to control the mass flow of tourists and to protect its fragile environment.

How hard and tough is the trek?

The only tough day is long hours of walk for someday, the trail are well established for safe trekking. The hardest part of trekking is a long climb to Larke-La pass, and then long stretch of downhill.

The climb of Larke Peak is mentioned of TD grade, which means a climb of some technical difficulty. But possible taking much time and following the expert guide, the climb is straightforward like any other alpine peak climb.

Are there electricity on route trekking in the lodges?

Most large villages like Jagat, Namrung, Sama-Gaon, and Samdo do have hydroelectricity power. Some villages and lodges have their own private solar power as well so that you can charge your electronic gadgets and items.

Do we have to pay extra for showers and charging our electronic items?

Yes, for using hot/cold showers as for charging electronic items one needs to pay a fee. The price differs from one village lodge to another, first ask your guide if the cost is reasonable.

How many nights at Tsum Valley?

From Day 07 to Day 12 for 4 nights and 5 days, walking from Lokpa to Lokpa the start and end of Tsum valley region.

How much extra money to carry on the treks?

Depending upon own expenses for extra snacks, soft drinks or having a beer as well buying local souvenirs on treks. Average of US $ 300 to 500 per person, the money required for tipping the guide, staff, and porters also at the end of the trek.

What happens if someone is very sick on treks?

For mild sickness, our guide carries First Aid and a comprehensive medical kit, for serious unfortunate accidents and illness. Immediate evacuation by fastest means of transport to nearest medical centre or hospitals.

The best and fastest means is using Helicopter Services that is why all trekkers have to purchase Medical and Travel Insurance in case of emergency situations.

Is Tsum Valley & Manaslu Circuit a popular trekking?

Tsum Valley is not as popular as Manaslu Circuit, but slowly gaining popularity with few groups of interested trekkers and adventurers. Where small number of group seldom ventures in good time of the year.

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Overall Company Rating:
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    The trek was unbelievable and unforgettable experience. Thanks to MCT, for kind support. An amazing adventure on Tsum Valley & Manaslu Circuit a great trip with good team of guide and staff. The trip went well as planned thoroughly enjoyed it and with great times on treks and in Kathmandu. Great places for Photograph, a perfect adventure holiday with mind blowing views on daily walks and especially from Larke-La Pass enjoyed it. Thank you for caring and providing well managed holiday for us.
    Tim Campbell
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