Traveling on a budget might sound terrifying, but it’s not. You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to have a good time on your vacation, sometimes you just need some tricks up your sleeve, the kind of tricks to save you money when traveling to Nepal.

save money while travel

In this article, we will be looking at 8 different ways you can save money when traveling to Nepal. Before we dive in, let’s get one thing clear. You don’t hike up the Himalayan trails for a luxurious restaurant or a hotel. Sure, it’s great if there’s any but that is just not the mindset most travelers have. 

Instead, look for experiences rather than luxury. That’s my ultimate tip for anyone looking to travel to Nepal in 2020 and beyond. With that said, let’s get started. 

1. Don’t buy the stuff you don’t need

Pretty simple right? Not really. If you are an impulsive buyer like myself, then you would want someone to remind you that you can’t buy everything you see. 

Integrate simple reminders that you can come across during regular activities. Talk about it more often or even have a partner remind you constantly of your habit. 

2. Open a new Travel Bank Account 

No matter how much you love to spend, no one likes to see their bank account decline over time. This is exactly what you can leverage to make yourself spend less. Open a new bank account and allocate all the budget for the vacation. 

3. Rent out your place during the vacation 

If you live in a hustling locality, there’s a good chance of people searching for a cheaper alternative for hotels. You could rent out your place while you are out instead of letting the dust to accumulate over time. 

Renting out your place is a win-win. You get to enjoy your vacation without having to worry about accommodation charges. Plus, renting out houses will make sure that it stays lively even after months of vacation. 

4. Pick a cheaper cellular plan 

In Nepal, there are mainly two cellular operators i.e. Nepal Telecom (NT) and Ncell. Both have their pros and cons, which one to pick depends upon your expectations. 

Nepal Telecom is operated by the Government of Nepal whereas Ncell is a private company. Both are pretty good but I would prefer Ncell over Nepal Telecom. Simply due to their customer service and wide radius of network coverage. 

5. Walk, walk, and walk some more 

Transportation soaks up a major part of one’s travel budget. However, if you have adequate, walking could be a better option. To explore is our initial motive, does not matter how. If there’s an option for hiking or trekking, then I’d suggest you go for it.

6. Take your lunch with you 

Just like the picnic days, take your lunch with you if you can carry it. Cooking at home is great, it not only saves money but it’s an experience. Whenever I cook at home, it gives provides me fulfillment in some sort of way. If the destination that you are traveling to does not require carrying heavy equipment, then it’s a good idea to pack some delicious homemade food along with you. You will be amazed by how much you save money on foods.

7. Drink Responsibly 

Spending too much on beverages is dumb and most of the time we end up regretting it. We all have been there. But if you want to save money while traveling in Nepal, you are going to need to limit your drinking. 

Now, that does not mean you should not enjoy your time in Nepal. I’m just saying that alcohol should be used to enhance the mood and not burn your wallet. 

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8. Work remotely

Sites like or offer gigs in exchange for a decent amount of money. If you have skills such as writing, video editing, proofreading, and more, then you can apply for a freelancer account and start working. 

Tons of laptop-travelers are on the rise and the accessibility of an internet connection and a computer has made it easier than ever to work remotely. Hop on the train and earn yourself some extra income on the go. 

So, there you have it. Top 8 Ways to Save Money While Traveling in Nepal. But I’ve saved the best for the last. 


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