Nepal has always been a memorable travel destination. However, some travelers admire the country to an extent where they can’t help buying a little present to bring home. What better souvenir than a handmade product from Nepal, right?

But since the handicrafts in Nepal are usually connected to certain cultures and traditions, they ought to be handled properly. By the end of this article, you’ll have enough information regarding the handicraft products in Nepal to purchase the one that suits you the best.

Although it used to take quite a few times for the production of handicrafts in Nepal, nowadays it has gotten faster and better. The industry supports local craftsmen and the economy of Nepal as a whole. Therefore, purchasing a handicraft item is highly recommended. With that said, let’s look at some of the products.

Dhaka Products

Dhaka is the pride of Nepal. These are cotton imported from Dhaka or certain parts of Nepal. Products such as Dhaka Topi (Nepalese Hat) are prepared from Dhaka. Dhaka products are usually worn during cultural events and festivals.

Palpa was one of the first places to produce Dhaka in Nepal. This is why most people around here are quite familiar with the terms Palpali Dhaka which means Dhaka from Palpa. Products such as shawls, handkerchiefs, and ties are prepared from Palpali Dhaka.

Today Dhaka products are manufactured all over Nepal. They represent the overall Nepalese community. Despite being a traditional product, Dhaka has also found its way into the modern designer dresses that are worn at weddings and special occasions.

Pashmina Products

You have probably heard of Pashminas before. These are one of the most famous handicrafts from Nepal. The word Pashmina means Made from Wool in the Persian language.

Pashmina is a special type of wool that is extracted and weaved in a really fine texture. Products such as scarves, sweaters, shawls are some of the pashmina products that are produced in Nepal. Pashmina products are usually highly-priced as they require a level of expertise and they are rare.

Felt Products

From the arts and design to musical instruments, Felt is one of the oldest materials used in a wide range of handicraft products in Nepal. The use of felt dates way back in the history of Nepal. However, it is equally important to this day. Felt products include handmade felt balls, felt carpets, decorative elements, and slippers. Since it comes in different colors, it is usually a must in most decorative handicraft products for souvenirs.

Jewelry Products

Jewelry is an inevitable part of Nepalese customs and traditions. Different cultures are represented by different costumes. Despite the dress, jewelry is a major part of many cultural events in Nepal. While it is crucial to identify authenticity, Nepal has a good reputation in Jewelries.

Nepalese artisans are incredible at craving unique designs. Purchasing a small piece of jewelry around here does not break the bank. They could make up for a nice little piece of souvenir to add to your collection. The jewelry markets of Nepal offer a variety of local and Indian jewelry.

Handmade Paper Products

Introduced by Tibetan travelers, handmade papers are one of the highest-selling handicrafts in Nepal. The papers are made by a cumbersome technique using the remains of recycled waste papers. The unique texture of the paper makes it easier for the ink to stay on for a longer time.

Handmade Paper Products are greatly used for gifting purposes. They are inexpensive and make up for a meaningful present. You can find these at art shops in Kathmandu.

Wood Craft

Architecture has always fascinated the Nepalese. There are numerous structures that still exist to this day. Similarly, the wooden craft has been in practice since the time immemorial. In the past, people used wood for utility purposes. However, as time passed, artisans started using wooden crafts to showcase their talent.

Wooden crafts such as wooden flute, bracelets, and storage boxes make up a perfect souvenir to add to your collection. These are usually available at pottery markets around Kathmandu & Bhaktapur.

Thangka Painting

Thangka or Thanka Paintings were once used for teaching and learning from the Buddhist masters. These are paintings made on either cotton or silk. The paintings can be used for both the devotional and decorative purposes. Thangka paintings are sensitive and required to be handled with care. If kept in a dry place, the painting can last for a very long time.

In Kathmandu, there are a number of workshops happening where famous Thangka painters showcase their work and teach the importance of Thangka painting. If you are into paintings, Thangka Painting could be a sweet item to add to your collection.

Singing Bowls

Singing Bowl is yet another famous handicraft product in Nepal. It is a bowl-shaped instrument that produces a soothing hum sound. The sound comes from striking the padded mallet in circles around the bowl in a circular motion. It creates a serene atmosphere for meditation purposes. These bowls are either handmade or machine-made. Regardless, they are great for decoration as well.

Khukuri (The Gurkha Knife)

Khukuri is a multi-purpose machete in Nepal. The Gurka, one of the bravest soldiers, never stepped into a battle without a Khukuri. This clearly represents the values that the Gurkha Khukuri knife carries in the heart of Nepalese. Besides being a weapon, it is also handy for chopping meats, especially around festive seasons.

Nevertheless, Khukur is an excellent souvenir. One can find a bunch of designs and incarnations. However, before you purchase one, make sure to check the customs regulations. The prices of Khukuri ranges from a couple of hundreds to a few thousand rupees.

Rice Paper Products

Found in rural parts of Nepal, the Rice Paper is handmade from Lokta bark. They usually come with some sort of a pattern of design. These papers are used in multiple products. You can find products such as writing notes, journals, calendars, bags, and more. These are inexpensive and could be a token of memory from Nepal.

Glass Beads

Inspired by Buddhist culture, glass beads are found in almost every art shop in and around Thamel of Kathmandu. Tourists love these. Despite being a cultural product, it can be added to enhance the attire. Accessories products such as necklaces, or wrist bands are some of the common glass beads products in Nepal.

Hemp Products

Hemp is one of the low-impact crops through which strong, and recyclable fibers are produced. Nepal has a good name for hemp products. Hemp is another emerging handicraft product in Nepal. They are low-impact and replenish the soil.

The Hemp Products can be an inexpensive memory or could be your daily company to carry essentials on the go. Some of the common hemp products include – Backpacks, Clothing, Hats, Slippers, Accessories, and Belts.

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