3 ways to Manaslu Circuit Adventure, an exciting and interesting experience to enjoy, walk the southern side of Manaslu Himalayas.

Explore The Lower Southern Mid Hills Of Manaslu Himalayas And Towards North



As the adventure progresses head towards the mid-hills following the main route and reaching the high valleys of Manaslu. Few people are aware of the hidden routes to Upper Manaslu and Larke-La, Manaslu Circuit Trekking gives you an idea. Choosing the 3 ways to Manaslu Circuit adventure. Makes the trek more enjoyable, walking from off the beaten path towards the main trail, and can find the great difference.

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The 3 Ways to Manaslu Circuit Adventure depends upon the choice of itinerary days, some can lead to longer days. Where most itinerary days follow the straightforward route to complete the whole Manaslu Circuit Adventure crossing over the high Larke-La Pass.

3 Ways to enjoy and to choose provides trekkers and adventurers an insight into the country’s various landscapes and cultures.

Three Passes around Manaslu & Annapurna

An exceptional way to enjoy the walks and to view the country’s amazing beautiful areas. Covering most of Nepal’s Mid-Western region of massif Manaslu Himalayas, along with exotic flora and fauna including local traditional customs.

Mt. Manaslu stands as the world’s 8th highest peak at 8,163 m, situated within the Mansiri Himalaya range, in-between Annapurna and Ganesh Himal.

The first ascent of Mt. Manaslu by Japanese Expeditions was in 1956, since then the area was closed to outside visitors. The higher Manaslu valley was opened back again from 1992 onwards but remains a restricted area of Nepal.

Where all trekkers and adventurers require special permits to enter the higher region of Manaslu. The restriction is to control the mass flow of trekkers to save and protect its pristine environment. Where Manaslu region has established the Manaslu Conservation Area project, an additional fee is charged for MCA. 

The other reason is due to the close border with Tibet / China; as the Manaslu region is located on the famous historic Old Trans Himalaya Salt Trade Route.

3 Ways to Manaslu Circuit Adventure, certainly allows travelers to choose various routes to enjoy more of their holiday in Nepal.

Manaslu Circuit Trekking has listed the best route for trekkers to enjoy the options, from Barphak and Laprak villages. Includes options for taking higher adventurous trails crossing high Rubina-La Pass or just enjoying the straightforward and normal Manaslu Circuit route.

The best and right seasons also play a role to enjoy the 3 ways to Manaslu Circuit Adventure as well.

01: Normal and straightforward route to Manaslu Circuit Adventure

manaslu conservation area

Enjoy the straightforward route if your time in Nepal holidays is limited and short, taking an overland journey. Where an exciting drive reached Nepal Mid-West around the low warm country of Gorkha at Arughat town. The journey continues following the glacial Buri Gandaki River upstream to Machha-Khola to begin the walks. The route is on the main trail to Jagat village, the boundary of Upper Manaslu. Where a special permit is required to enter the higher Manaslu valley and beyond. Until the trek completes at Dharapani village around Manang district after crossing the high Larke-La pass at 5,106 m high.

02: Lower Mid-Hills of Barphak Villages to Manaslu Circuit Adventure.

An opportunity to visit the famous large hill villages of Barphak and Laprak of great cultural interest with views of Mt. Manaslu. Manaslu Circuit starts with an exciting drive to Mid-West Nepal at Gorkha a historical town of the 12th to 17th Century. The seat and home of the Shah Dynasty, from here started the conquest of Nepal’s smaller kingdoms. Then it was united into one Nepal, the journey continued to Barphak, a large hill village. From here the walk begins heading towards higher Manaslu valley. As the walk continues to another village of Laprak, which looks almost similar and quite smaller than Barphak village.

manaslu trek

From here onward walk on an elusive trail to reach the main route of Manaslu on reaching Jagat village. The starting point of the Restricted Area, where all trekkers require a special permit to enter the upper Manaslu region and beyond. After the Jagat village walk leads toward the higher country, one can notice the dramatic change in landscapes, climate, and villages. 

 03: Higher Adventurous route via Rupina-La to Manaslu Circuit Adventure. 

The Higher Adventurous route via Rupina-La Pass to Manaslu Circuit is one of the most exciting adventures around Nepal’s Mid-West Himalayas. 

The walk leads on off the beaten tracks within complete wilderness away from main villages, and human habitation for some days.

An exciting adventure amidst pristine natural surroundings and close to a massive southern range of the Manaslu Himalayan range. Walking through dramatic scenery overlooking a range of snow peaks as far as Annapurna in the west. 

The higher mid-hills Manaslu Circuit adventure with Rupina-La Pass Trekking leads you to elusive, hidden trails. Following on least ventured region of Gorkha district. Completely isolated and towards the mountainous country to cross over scenic Rupina-La Pass.

Traversing 4,720m / 15,486feet high Rupina-La, forms the boundary between lower warm mid-hills and the mountainous region. Quite a lower pass compared to Larke-La Pass but leads to challenging and demanding climbs and descents.

 Walking on steep rocky and icy terrain, where rope support is required sometimes for a safe descent. Finally, the hard technical walk ends joining the main trail of the Manaslu Circuit. 

An adventure quite different from other normal trekking around Nepal Himalaya, as this trekking route leads to a remote isolated region. The walk follows into tranquil surroundings of dense rhododendron, oaks, and pine tree forest.

Culture, Religion & History:

The lower warm areas of the Gorkha district of Manaslu area, are populated by mixed tribes of hill people. Gurung, Magar, Hindu Bharamins, Chettries, and Newars with some Bhot migrated from high Manaslu and Tsum areas.

way to manaslu region

The culture and religions are mixed with Hinduism and Buddhism around low land to mid-hills till Jagat and Philim villages.  

But higher hill villages onwards the native are interwoven with a strong Buddhism religion. Follows the ancient heritage and culture similar to its Tibetan predecessor. As the border to Tibet is at a mere distance. 

The people of higher Manaslu are known as the Bhotia people, which means origin from Tibet. Most villages around higher Manaslu from Lokpa and Namrung onwards have a monastery, with many rows of prayer walls and spinning wheels.

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