After almost two years of travel restrictions, Nepal has reopened its gate to the travel enthusiasts from all over the globe. 

Best known for trekking and mountaineering, Nepal has more to offer in 2023 than ever. Adventure sports, camping, canoeing, wildlife sanctuary, cultural events, local cuisine, luxury gateways – you name it.  Ever since the country recovered from the devastating pandemic, there’s more ways to indulge in Nepal in 2023. However, the government has added a few travel protocols considering the current situation.

Besides the mountains, the lowlands (Terai Region) of Nepal sharing borders with India is equally fascinating. Often overlooked yet filled with a wide range of vegetation, the lowlands are mesmerizing to explore. 

In 2023, one can experience the immense delight and spiritual freedom in Nepal. The country has always been a go-to destination for spiritual liberation. Now is the time to rejuvenate on the conquests of life and Nepal is one of the few places where one can experience enlightening spiritual lift. 

Although most of the restrictions have been lifted there are some protocols that visitors must abide by while travelling to Nepal in 2023. 

The Government of Nepal (Council of Ministers) has issued the following travel protocols to manage foreign tourists’ entry in Nepal. 

Visa related travel protocols for entry to Nepal:

  • Visitors to Nepal must get a visa from the diplomatic mission of Nepal in their home country.
  • Visitors travelling by air can obtain an on-arrival visa from the immigration desk at Tribhuvan International Airport in the absence of Nepal’s Diplomatic Mission or in the event that obtaining a visa is difficult in the visitor’s home country.

Note: Such visitors must present a pre-visa recommendation letter issued by The Department of Tourism (DOT) OR Nepal Tourism Board.

  • Only after the relevant local agency in Nepal has submitted all necessary documents will DOT or NTB issue the visa recommendation letter.

Document requirements: 

Before boarding, all visitors to Nepal must present the following documentation at the airline check-in desk:

  • Report of PCR negative swab taken within 72 hours of boarding OR full COVID-19 vaccination report. 
    However, it is still advised that you carry along the PCR negative report as some countries may require it during outbound trips. 
  • Confirmation of a hotel reservation or guarantee of accommodation. 
  • A copy of a visa for Nepal or a letter of recommendation from the Nepal Tourism Board or Department of Tourism.
  • A copy of travel insurance which includes medical coverage, emergency assistance, and rescue services.
  • Barcode generated after submitting the International Travel Arrival Form online at add.php

Travel protocols upon arrival in Nepal: 

  • Upon arrival in Nepal, all visitors are required to take a COVID test at their own expense in consultation with the appropriate local agent. 
  • If the test shows negative, the traveller can carry on with their plans. If it’s positive then the visitor must remain in hotel quarantine until shown otherwise.
  • The responsible agency is required to purchase COVID 19 insurance worth Rs. 1 lakh for the vehicles they use to transport the tourist group.

Provisions for Indian tourists: 

  • The “Nepal-India Travel Bubble Agreement “‘ clauses will continue to apply to Indian tourists flying into Nepal. A negative PCR report must be submitted within 72 hours of boarding.
  • Indian tourists travelling to Nepal by land must present a negative PCR test result that was completed within 72 hours after their arrival at the Nepal-India border immigration post.
  • Tourists must also carry the barcode produced received from the International Travel Arrival Form online at along with the negative PCR report.

How to obtain a Visa Recommendation in 2023? 

Visitors shall cooperate with a local agency in order to obtain visa recommendation. All necessary paperwork must be collected and submitted by the agency on behalf of the visitor. Below are the documents required for visa recommendation: 

  1. Application letter from concerned Association with verification of all the documents.
  2.  Copy of Tourists’ passport
  3. Travel Itinerary
  4. International Air Ticket booking confirmation 
  5. Travel Insurance
  6. Copy of Company Registration of concerned company
  7. Copy of latest Tax Clearance of concerned company

Interstate Travel in Nepal 

However, as you head to remote settlements, road transportation becomes less of an option as landslides, blockades are frequent occurrences. This is where the heli-tour and mountain flights come into play. 

Nepal also includes three regional airports, 9 all-weather airports, 21 seasonal domestic airports, and an international airport in Kathmandu. To go to major cities and business hubs, domestic flight services are available. Both a railroad network and a port are absent in Nepal.

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All-in-all, Nepal still remains one of the best destinations for trekking and travelling, even in 2023. Following the given travel protocols will ensure a sound travel experience so make sure you go through them as many times as you need to. If you’re planning to visit Nepal, kindly reach us for a free consultation. Happy Travelling!

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