The best time for Manaslu Circuit Trekking depends upon the right time and the best season of the year. Nepal and the Himalayas with four main seasons, spring starts from mid-February to May, then begins the summer season. Along with monsoon times of wet months during the summer season, from June to August. The next is autumn/fall begins from September to November, and the start of winter from December to mid-February.

The short and moderate trekking destinations can be visited all year round, except for the monsoon period of June to August. The most favorable and high peak season is spring and autumn/fall, springtime. Where days are much longer with enough sun lights for pleasant walks and to catch views of beautiful scenery. However, depending upon the area as altitude-wise, middle hills are much cooler during the morning, late afternoon, and night times. 

As altitude gains above 3,000 m high, the sunshine is much bright with strong UV (Ultra Violet). Due to thin air and less oxygen, morning and late afternoon including night time are much cold with freezing temperatures. This is the time around mid-hills covered in rhododendron, and magnolia tree forest when wildflowers are in full bloom. Making the hills and valley alive and bright with seasonal flowers, especially the rhododendron of various species and colors.

Could get snowfall sometime around a higher altitude above 2,800 m high, while the lower areas get light showers of rain. The next best time is autumn or fall, starting from September till November, a lovely season for pleasant walks. As well as spectacular views of surrounding beautiful landscape scenery and snow-capped peaks, one of the high and peak times. 

The winter months of December to February are much colder with freezing morning and night times, as well as shades. Few trekkers often dare to venture around high altitudes for various adventures, but quite risky due to heavy snowfall sometimes.

But for lower mid-hills winter time is great for short moderate trekking, can enjoy the Christmas and New Year holidays.

December to March for Manaslu Circuit Trekking:

A low and off tourist seasons in Nepal, as well around whole Himalayas destinations. 

 Especially those who are interested in treks around high Himalaya, like on Manaslu Circuit Trekking. The best advice and suggestions are not a good time for this wonderful adventure till spring time till March. The best from late March to May and September to November, the right time for Manaslu Circuit Trekking. 

There are several conditions why not to visit Manaslu high areas. The first is freezing temperatures during the morning, late afternoon till night time with chances of snowfall.

Days are much shorter with minimum sun-light hours, which gets dark by 5 p.m. onwards, and most lodges. Including villages will be almost empty and closed for winter times, when nearly all villagers migrate to lower warm areas. Escaping the harsh winter of Upper Manaslu with heavy snowfall that can occur sometimes. Not a good time or recommendable for Manaslu Circuit during December to March months. Unless one is very eager and would like to take a chance, but have to face a tough time. Like finding lodges if it’s available, even some lodges are open and can provide minimum facilities and food. 

Larke-La pass might be closed with heavy snow also, but some days are bright and beautiful for views and walks.

March to May months for Manaslu Circuit Trek:

We would like to suggest and recommend, that it would be much better to start the trek. From April onwards till the early month of June, March still hangs around with the cold of the post-winter months. April and May are the high and peak times for adventure around all Himalayas, as well as for Manaslu Circuit.

One of the best times apart from the autumn/fall season, spring begins from March till May.

From March to May with bright sunny days and enough sunlight hours to enjoy good pleasant walks. Along with clear views of high snow peaks, with green valleys with miniature flowers that cover the walking trails. Around mid-hills with beautiful wild flowers in seasonal bloom makes the trek, more special and interesting. But late afternoon can get overcast with light rain, and snowfall around high hills and the valley of Manaslu area.

Morning and late afternoon will be much colder till night time, but most days are bright and sunny with longer sun-light hours.

May to August for Manaslu Circuit Trek:

May to August the end of the spring and summer seasons, temperatures can be very warm and hot during the days. Especially around the low foothills of Machha-Khola and Soti-Khola till Philim villages, but cooler on the mid-hills. One of the good times, but chances of heavy rain around hills and valleys to Namrung villages. May to June with chances of less rain and clear days during the morning time gets overcast by afternoon. But July and August with heavy monsoon rains on low areas and mid-hills, where the trail gets muddy and soggy. 

It will be slippery to walk in the rains, and going downhill is treacherous, so trekkers have to be fully prepared. The chances of clear views are quite small, but some days can be bright and clear, with much green surrounding. During the wet monsoon times when some lodges might be closed for the off-season, almost most lodges will be quite empty. During Mary to August months, an enjoyable walk encountering fewer trekkers on the route.    

September to November for Manaslu Circuit Trek:

The best months of the year for Manaslu and other adventures around the Himalayas, a perfect season of autumn/fall. September to November months one of the peak and high seasons for trekking. The flow of trekkers will be on the rise, as well as an enjoyable time of the autumn season. Where most hills will be much greener from the post-monsoon rain, September and October will be the best. As well with right day temperatures of a mild climate, not too hot or cold just perfect for walks.

The days are much clear for excellent views of a snow mountain range with surrounding beautiful scenery. Most lodges will be flooded with trekkers being the high time of trekking but leading to wonderful walks. Late afternoon and nighttime till morning temperatures drop with cold, but as the sun reaches it will warmer. An enjoyable month for trekking as well as spectacular views along the walks and overnight halts.

But if you are planning the trek in the middle of November, one must be aware of the near wintertime. It will be fine and sunny most of the days, but cold from late afternoon till morning. Chances are quite slim in finding the lodges, as most villages will be half empty, as the highlanders of Manaslu. Migrates to lower warmer areas to escape the winter colds and starts moving from November onwards.