Nepal is a country of diversity from low land with deep jungles. Where the Royal Bengal Tiger and One Horned Rhinoceros roam; and extends to the high Yak and Yeti Trail around the world’s highest mountain range.

Nepal is an amazing country, blessed by Mother Nature with its natural beautiful landscapes, glacial rivers to green valleys. Blanketed by the enchanting pristine forest of pines, deodar, firs, and Rhododendron, hemlock with rain forest of Sal and Kapok trees.

Nepal is the land of the world’s 8th highest peak from number one Mt. Everest to the 10th Mt. Annapurna. Apart from scenic Mountain views, rivers, and dales, the country is steeped in ancient traditional cultures. Where Hindu and Buddhism religions blend in perfect harmony with temples and monasteries at close distances. 

Nepal is also a paradise for naturalists, adventurers, mountaineers, geological scientists, botanists, and for nature lovers. Including bird-watching amidst its old heritage culture and custom, a unique country to experience once in a lifetime. 

The right and a perfect place for ‘Outdoor Filming’ is around the Nepal Himalayas due to its varied scenic location. Manaslu Circuit (P) Ltd, will organize the best nooks and corners as preferred by the Filming Units.

The company can provide all arrangements and logistic support for filming documentaries or for commercial movies. Nepal provides a wide range of exotic destinations from the low land of the Terai belt to the arctic zone around the world’s highest Mt. Everest

Manaslu Circuit (P) Ltd, with expert guides and staff for all occasions. Where one can enjoy staying in simple country tea-house, lodges, or tented camps. The company can organize all facilities as required by the parties for outdoor filming around the Himalayan hills and mountains. 

Our services logistic support, applicable permits for filming, Park and Conservation Fees, Mountaineering and peak fees, transportation, expert guides and staff who know the area of selected destinations, insurance of all staff and porters, camping arrangements with separate units of kitchen staff, cooks two men tents, dining tents, toilet-bathing / shower tents, store tents for filming equipment, portable chairs and tables, generator for lightening for camping and to charge batteries with healthy nutritious foods served for breakfast, lunch, afternoon teas and dinner time with refreshment in between the serving.

About Nepal and its natural wonders: 

Nepal’s area of 147, 181 sq. km, is located between India in the south, east, and west with Tibet-China towards the North. The capital and commercial hub is Kathmandu city, situated in the middle of the country, close to Tibet / China. 

A population of more than 23 million, populated mostly around southern Terai and mid-hills. The national and official language is Nepali, however, travel-trade people understand and speak English as well. The present Political System is a Republic with Multi-Party Democracy.

Nepal has four major seasons, namely, (1) Spring: March to May (2) Summer: June to August, (3) Autumn: September-November, and (4) Winter: December-February. Nepal can be visited the whole year round. Religion: Nepal with 65 % Hindu 30 % Buddhism rest 5 % are Jain, Christian and Islam / Muslim. People of Nepal with more than 60 ethnic groups and 70 native spoken languages.

Why Outdoor Filming Around Nepal?

One of the world’s richest countries in terms of biodiversity due to its unique geographical position and altitude variation, the elevation of the country ranges from 60 m above sea level to the highest point on earth, Mt. Everest at 8,848 m, all within a distance of 150 km resulting in climatic changes from Sub-tropical-alpine to Arctic.

Nepal-occupying only 0.03% of the earth is home to 2 % of all the flowering plants in the world; 8 % of the world’s population of birds (more than 857 species); 4 % of mammals on earth; 11 of the world’s 15 families of butterflies (more than 500 species); 600 indigenous plant families; 319 species of exotic orchids). Makes Nepal a paradise destination for all types of holidays, where one can enjoy the varied and exciting places that the country offers.

This also makes an ideal and perfect spot for all Filmmakers from documentaries to commercials. In the past few years, Hollywood and Bollywood as well as many foreign films have been shot around the beautiful location.

An enjoyable and exciting country, where the warm-hearted Nepalese with traditional hospitality, provide extra comfort to all guests.

Location for outdoor film shootings

From the low land of the warm Terai belt to cooler mid-hills and valleys with glacial lakes. Extending towards the higher mountainous wild country of an arctic zone of remorseless fields of ice and glaciers. The green hills blanketed by lovely flowering trees are worth a visit as well as a perfect location for outdoor shooting.

During spring time from March to May, the hills and valleys covered in a forest will be bright and lively. When wildflowers are in seasonal bloom, especially the rhododendron flowers of various species, make the country a natural garden.

The spring and autumn seasons are favorable times for outdoor shooting for various types of films. Besides the picturesque scenery of beautiful dramatic landscapes and snow peaks, the village life is equally impressive. Great way to collect information on every indigenous tribe of Nepal with their interesting traditional culture of age-old heritage.

Nepal is a wonderful country where one can enjoy a wildlife safari in the dense deep tropical jungles of southern Nepal. Enjoy exploring from a main classical trail of the Himalayas and walk on the beaten trails within complete mountain wilderness.

Transportation For Outdoor Locations:

Nepal has a wide network of motorable roads that link to the most popular mountainous destinations. Where we can organize all types of transportation as required by the Film Units. As we have fleets of transport from latest models cars, coach, buses, four wheelers (land cruisers or jeeps). Apart from ground transport, we have good relations with airlines and helicopter companies for chartered planes and choppers; as required for mountainous destinations.

Our services for the following Film locations:                 

  • Outdoor Filming for the documentary:
  • Outdoor Filming for feature movies:
  • Cultural and Historical Filming:
  • Jungle and Wildlife Filming:
  • Landscapes and villages filming:
  • Rafting and other river sports Filming:
  • Trekking & Mountaineering Filming:

For city and town film shooting we arrange the best hotels as per the size of a film unit. For remote areas, we provide excellent tented camping facilities with large tents from safari to two-man tents. Includes a separate unit of kitchen department with camping cooks, kitchen staff, guides, and porters. We also offer screened toilet tents and large dining tents with portable tables and chairs with lights from portable generators. 

For more information and details regarding suitable outdoor locations and logistic support, please contact us.

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