What do you need to carry for Manaslu Circuit Trek, there are several important needful things to know and understand. Before getting ready and as well preparing for your desired adventure holidays to Nepal and Manaslu Circuit trek. 

The first thing is booking with the best reliable trekking local company like Manaslu Circuit Treks and Travel. As per your keen interest, the company will provide you with the necessary details regarding the trek.

Manaslu Circuit Trek provided by MCT is a standard itinerary, where all travelers should check the number of days. Whether it suits with your holidays or can request the company to make it a few days shorter or longer.

For your conveyance, most trekking itineraries are set for group departures with a general itinerary that can suit all travelers.

If joining with a group of different nationalities one has to follow the chosen itinerary days but can extend the days. Before or after Manaslu trek to make it much more comfortable for oneself, as well as enjoying the local Nepalese way of life.

In the first place, on booking for Manaslu Circuit trek, you must be aware that the region of Upper Manaslu. Falls within a Restricted Areas of Nepal Himalayas, which was closed for many decades. Then it was opened for trekkers from 1992 onwards, and since then limited numbers of trekkers entered the high Manaslu valley. The formerly forbidden country where old Trans Himalaya Salt Trade Route and caravan of yaks and mules laden with goods.

The caravan passed through on both sides of the country border of Nepal and Tibet/ China through the high Manaslu valley. Where this adventure leads you on the same route, but away from the frontier of Nepal and Tibet. Which is a close few days’ walks from Sama-Gaon and Samdo villages of high Manaslu Valley.

What you need to carry for Manaslu Circuit Trek:

Travel Documents:

For this wonderful adventure around Manaslu circuit trekking, what you need to carry will be informed beforehand, by respective agents. From personal documents, clothing items, and gears required for the trek, as well as keeping fit and healthy for the trip.

On booking with MCT, one should obtain a visa for Nepal as per the duration of days required. Minimum of two weeks as per the itinerary days, or one can get on arrival at the airport in Kathmandu. Where you need to carry cash in US or Euro, as well as any convertible currency accepted by Nepal Rastraya (National) Bank.

Including passport size photos and medical documents required against Covid-19 Immunization also. Depending upon the rules of the Nepal Government for tourist arrival, which can be changed till further notice.

In this case, MCT will inform and update present rules and regulations for foreign travelers.  The other important carrying a legal passport, which should not exceed expiration dates from the date of issue. Which is a minimum of 6 months from the expiry date, the passport is important to obtain other legal documents. Likewise to obtain special permits for Manaslu Circuit trek, MCA (Manaslu Conservation Area Project) entry ticket.

Personal Trekking Gear:

Besides various important things to carry, depending upon the international flight weight allowance limitation, one should take care. Carrying only the needful and important items to carry as per the list provided by MCT. Where some of the gear can be bought or hired daily if it is too much to carry. Like sleeping bags, down jackets, walking poles, rain gear, and other smaller important items as well.

Trekking Gear

Necessary to carry a small medical kit for personal use, as prescribed by your doctors. The first trekking gear that comes on the list is good trekking boots, sports shoes, and personal underclothing. Warm and light trousers for day walks as well for the evening cold night’s rest of the gear as follows.  

Equipment & Clothing:        

Comfortable boots and trainers/sports shoes and clothing for strong hot sun on lower foothills. As well for freezing temperatures at night in the higher region, Shorts, skirts or lightweight trousers (for ladies). Includes T-shirt, long-sleeved cotton shirts, and sun hat. 

During the evening and the higher altitudes, warm clothing will be needed.  

  • SHORTS OR SKIRTS (for ladies):
  • DUVET / DOWN JACKETS: (Down feathers or synthetic (required in autumn/winter and early springtime)
  • WOOL BALACLAVA, WOOL MITTS: (required in autumn/winter and early springtime)
  • WATERPROOFS: Jacket and trousers
  • SUN HATS:                                         
  • SCARF: Silk/Nylon, useful for keeping the sun off the back of your neck.
  • SUNGLASSES / GOGGLES: Essential to get a pair that cuts out 100% UV rays
  • SUNSCREEN CREAM: High protection factor [20 or higher] or high altitude glacier cream due to thin air the U/V is stronger in the sun.
  • LIP SLAVE/ LABISAN: Protection for the lips with a sunscreen
  • WATER BOTTLE: A liter metal bottle to keep warm while at night time.
  • HEAD TORCHES: Pretzel (recommended) -spare batteries and bulbs
  • SMALL KNIFE: Swiss army style – has many uses
  • SMALL PADLOCK: Useful for locking your kit/duffel bag


  • THERMAREST: Or similar self-inflating mattress, gives a decadent luxury
  • WALKING STICKS / POLES: Useful for crossing rivers and in snow and ice areas.

Most of the items can be bought or hired in Kathmandu on daily basis at a reasonable price, saving from the flight weight allowance.

Money to carry for trekking:

Manaslu Circuit is quite different from other normal trekking, the first reason is you are trekking around a restricted area. Where solo or individual trekkers (FIT) are not allowed, one needs to join a reliable local company. Should be with Regisrated and Authorized agencies by Nepal Tourism Department, where all necessary are included on trip packages. 

Like accommodation in Kathmandu hotels on a bed and breakfast basis. On treks includes all meals breakfast, lunch, and dinner and accommodation on the best available local lodge.  

Transportation private or in local vehicles, backed by a trekking guide, field staff, and porters to carry your heavier baggage.

As all necessary applicable permits, conservation and park fees are included in the trip cost.

The only money required is for personal expenses, during the trek as well as to contribute tipping or gratitude. At the end of the trekking, and that is if you are satisfied with the services rendered by the trekking guide. Including staff and porters where all members can collect the money for tipping. Then hand over to each trekking staff and porters on the last night before departing for Kathmandu.  

The money to carry depends on how you spend it apart from saving for tipping, like buying souvenirs in mountain villages. As well as having side snacks and drinks or donating to schools and poor villages as a charity, saving some amount. In an emergency case, one needs to be evacuated by any means of transport, if someone feels very sick.

The average money should be about a minimum of US$ 300 to 400. Where a credit card is not acceptable in villages. ATM is available only in big towns and cities only, so all need to carry cash in Nepali currency. 

The amount of money to be carried, also depends upon the number of days.

Manaslu Circuit Trekking itinerary Ideas

As per the itinerary duration of 11 to 12 days or more. It also depends from the start of trekking either from Soti-Khola or Machha-Khola, as well on the ending point. Where some trekking might extend further from Dharapani village to Tal or Syange villages. But the average total distance of walking is approx. 177 k.m. and 110 miles, not counting the drives.

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The highest altitude on this trek reaches you on top of Larke-La pass at 5,106 m / 16, 752 feet high. So enjoy the memorable and exciting adventure of Manaslu Circuit Trek with MCT and its wonderful services. Guided by professional staff and guides and packing the right gear for the best seasons of the year.

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