Acute Mountain Sickness

Equipment for Manaslu Circuit Trek

Equipment for Manaslu Circuit Trek

Equipment needed for Trek and Climb to the Manaslu, and what can be bought in Kathmandu is important and necessary information. Nepal, a country of high Himalayan Mountain range with world’s highest peaks, capturing 8th out 14th above 8,000 m peaks. Includes countless of below and above 7,000 m and 6,000 meters range of snow …

Altitude Sickness

The Symptoms Of Altitude Sickness/AMS:

The symptoms of Altitude Sickness are known as AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness), which is quite common on high-altitude adventures. Depending upon the fitness of people and immunity level at a higher elevation, where oxygen level goes down in the body. Then the people feel sick and lethargic or exhausted, lacking interest from all, and the …