Manaslu Circuit Activities are boundless for enthusiastic travelers as well as all types of people and age groups.

The company offers a wide range of exciting and exotic holiday destinations all around the Himalayas within Nepal and beyond. 

Likewise, Bhutan and Tibet also, as we have strong counterparts around the Himalayan countries, provide the best services. Where all clients will be well satisfied and make plans for the next enjoyable holidays with us.

Manaslu Circuit Activities is not just for trekking or other adventure holidays, it also offers cultural and historical tours. 

Includes yoga and Meditation classes guided by expert gurus and instructors, one can also hike for a day or more. 

Besides being a leading company for trekking and various types of adventure from smaller peak climbing to major mountaineering.

MCT(Manaslu Circuit Treks) provides educational tours and hiking as well as a visit to pilgrimage sites of both Hindu and Buddhist religions. Apart from our fixed departure dates for group joining, we are flexible and easy for individual and private group travelers.

Where one can request a special tour, treks, or climbing peaks we will provide a well-planned trip. So that your time in Nepal will be the most memorable having enjoyable moments.

Manaslu Activities:

Trekking is the major and main flow of visitors to Nepal and around the Himalayas, and then mountaineering. Which was the first arrival of foreign visitors to Nepal since the 1950s to climb various 8,000 m peaks.

MCT most activities are trekking from a few days to a week or more than three weeks. Offers a wide range of adventure destinations all around the Himalayas from the Far East to remote West Nepal. There are hundreds of local trekking companies in Nepal, where MCT stands on top as a specialist in one region.

Which is the Manaslu Himalaya region, located in Nepal’s Mid-West around the district of Gorkha. Where MCT provides trekking and exploration in every nook and corner around Manaslu areas, this is why the company is named; Manaslu Circuit Trekking. So that wide-world trekkers will realize and know MCT as the specialist of the region. 

Makes the trekkers easier to choose the right company for the right adventure holidays in Nepal and around the Himalayas.

Various Trekking Activities:

MCT runs and organizes various trekking destinations, besides the Manaslu region.

Annapurna Region:

All of Annapurna Himalayas, Annapurna with most varied areas for trekking from moderate, and adventurous to challenging. Annapurna region offers more than a dozen of trekking destinations from Annapurna Circuit to base camp treks.

As well one can enjoy cultural trekking visiting from one traditional and heritage village to another.

Everest Region:

Everest region is another popular trekking for various adventure destinations,

due to Mt. Everest and other high peaks. As well as its picturesque landscapes and the warm hospitality of the local natives. MCT runs and organizes various trekking areas around Everest and beyond. 

From short moderate to adventurous treks of more than weeks or more with challenging adventures. 

Langtang Region: 

Langtang Region is the third most visited in Nepal, where a walk leads you around Langtang Himal. The nearest mountain range from the capital city of Kathmandu. We run boundless trekking destinations around the Langtang region from the famous Langtang Valley to holy Gosainkund Lake. 

Mid-West Himalayas:

MCT runs and is more expert in the Mid-West Himalayas, where the region offers varied adventure destinations. Like the famous Manaslu Circuit and remote Tsum Valley, as well as Ruby Valley and Ganesh Himal region.

Far Eastern Region:

Far Eastern Region, one of the remoter corners of Nepal Himalayas, offers a few exciting and interesting adventures. Where MCT runs trek to Makalu Base Camp around Arun and Barun Valley, and beyond within the world’s 5th highest Mt. Makalu

Far Eastern Region trekking includes the world’s 3rd highest Mt. Kanchenjunga which is further east, the end of the Nepal Himalayas range.

Kanchenjunga is one of the longest trekking around the Himalayas taking more than 3 weeks. MCT runs and organizes Kanchenjunga to both South and North Base Camps trekking.

Far Western Region:

One of the most remote areas of Nepal is the southwest of the country and the least visited area. Due to its remoteness and transportation to reach the trekking starting points. MCT offers great trekking around the Far Western Region from Lower and Upper Dolpo to Nepal’s largest Rara Lake.

To get packages beside the Manaslu region please visit the site of CoreTreks where you can find various trips.

Trekking Activities of MCT:

For trekking around the main popular trails and off the beaten tracks, MCT provides the best lodges and resorts on route treks. In the remote region, the company organizes tented camping treks, providing excellent camping equipment and staff with expert cooks.  

Trekking Peaks & Major Mountaineering Expeditions:

MCT apart from moderate to adventurous trekking also organizes all exciting adventures from trekking peaks to major mountaineering expeditions.

Trekking peaks for all types of trekking and climbers small-scale mountaineering from a day to two days climb. From the respective base camps, We run and organize trekking peaks around Manaslu, Annapurna, and Everest including the Langtang region.  

Manaslu Circuit Trekking also runs and organizes major Mountaineering Expeditions from above 6, 700 m to 8,000 m peaks. All around Nepal Himalayas, the region provides all logistics support with an expert climbing guide to reach to the summit. 

Manaslu Circuit Activities’: 

Manaslu Trekking MCT with boundless exciting and delightful destinations to choose from. Besides Trekking and Mountaineering Expeditions, We offer scenic and cultural to historical tours around world heritage sites.

We provide all types of holidays from classic and scenic sightseeing tours from Ilam Tea Garden to historical sites. Where one can enjoy visiting beautiful places steeped with natural wonders and the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

Includes leisure peaceful places facing views of the Himalayas with stunning sunrise and sunsets in the comfort of Luxury Mountain Resorts.

Extension Tour and Activities of MCT:

Interested travelers with time in Nepal before and after the major trips with us, can extend their holidays. Enjoy the thrill of rafting various Himalayan Rivers with a wildlife safari in the dense jungles of Chitwan and Bardiya National Parks.

We provide various Adventure Sports Activities for interested travelers where one can have exciting moments for a day or two. Enjoy the fun of Paragliding, Ultra-Light Flights, and Zip Flyers to exciting Bungee Jump or Canyoning the cascading waterfalls. 

From a wide range of activities, We also organize Volunteer programs around rural hill villages. An interesting activity to immerse in local culture as well helping and support the local villagers.

We can help you tailor your adventure in Nepal with ease. Our travel experts evaluate your requirements and put together an itinerary that best fits you.

Let us know the destination that you are interested in, and we will be happy to help. For further inquiries, email us at Happy Traveling!

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