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Kal Tal, also known as Kalchhuman Tal

Kal Tal: Unveiling a Hidden Treasure on the Manaslu Circuit Trek

The Manaslu region of Nepal is a trekker’s paradise, offering stunning scenery, diverse wildlife, and a challenging yet rewarding experience. But nestled amidst the well-trodden paths lies a hidden gem: Kal Tal, also known as Kalchhuman Tal. Short Info: A Lake with an Eerie Name Kal Tal, translated to “Death Lake“, sits at an elevation …

Bhimtang village Nepal

Bhimtang Village: A Tranquil Escape on Your Manaslu Circuit Trek Adventure

Nestled amidst the majestic Himalayas, Bhimtang village is a secret jewel waiting to be discovered by intrepid trekkers. Located on the northern side of Mount Manaslu, the world’s eighth highest peak, Bhimtang offers a breathtaking glimpse into a remote and unspoiled region of Nepal. Bhimtang village sits at an elevation of 3720 meters (12,205 ft) …

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Lokpa Village: A Cultural Journey on Your Tusm Valley Trek Adventure

Located in Nepal’s Gorkha district, Lokpa Village sits within the remote Tsum Valley region at an elevation of 2,240 meters. Nestled deep within towering mountains and lush forests, the village provides breathtaking views of the valley’s rugged terrain and cascading waterfalls. Lokpa Village is home to the Tsumba people, who have preserved their unique Tibetan …

Samagaun Village in Manaslu Region

Samagaun Village in Manaslu Region: Best Trips from There

Samagaun, also known as Samagaon, is a picturesque village within Nepal’s Gorkha district, amidst the captivating Manaslu region. This quaint hamlet is a favored resting point for acclimatization among trekkers embarking on the renowned Manaslu Circuit Trek. Nestled within a tranquil valley, Samagaun is embraced by majestic peaks and verdant panoramas, situated at an altitude …